How Keanu Reeves Generously Helped Octavia Spencer’s Early Career

Keanu Reeves seems to have had a hand in helping Octavia Spencer early on in her career. If you don’t know Octavia Spencer all that well you likely haven’t watched movies like The Help or The Shape of Water or even Dinner with Schmucks, in which she plays a woman that can sense what animals are thinking/feeling. She’s a great actress that has been in a lot of movies with either a main or supporting role. To think that she might not have made an audition that would eventually get her career started is kind of hard to believe. But thank goodness for Keanu Reeves, her knight in the shining motorcycle helmet.

Apparently Octavia had been on her way to an audition and her car broke down. Unfortunately it glided to a stop under a tree where the birds soon had a field day with it. She was also a nervous wreck and was not in any way ready to be seen by anyone since she was as she described in less than her Sunday best. Add to that the fact that her car was swiftly becoming a rest stop for every bird that needed to relieve themselves and it wasn’t much of a wonder that people didn’t want to help her. It’s mean as all hell but it’s usually the way these things happen. Thankfully though a young man stopped and asked her if she needed a push, and it just happened to be Keanu Reeves. Octavia was likely very flattered and pleasantly shocked at the same time, and offered to push while he started her car. Instead he said that he would push and she was instantly mortified since it meant a known celebrity was going to touch her car that was being covered in bird droppings.

To make a long story short however she got to her audition thanks to his help and since that point has gone to see every movie Keanu has made on opening day as her way of saying thank you to the man that helped her in a time of need and probably helped get her the chance she needed to break into show business. If not for that act of random kindness Octavia might not have had the trip to stardom she’s taken in the last several years, and it’s possible that Hollywood would have missed out on her talent. I don’t know about you but Minnie in The Help and every other role she’s played since have been highly enjoyable. I think she definitely made the right choice to thank Keanu and credit him for his help, and he made the right choice to be a decent human being and help out a woman that’s brought so much joy to viewers ever since. It’s odd how things work out sometimes, but if you look at it there are moments when things just seem meant to be no matter how bad they might get.

Of course it’s hard to think of how things might have gone had she not made that audition.

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