Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 Episode 14: Tales from the Kardashian Krypt

keeping up with the kardashians season 7On the kreepiest Keeping Up With The Kardashians yet, Kris decides to buy a burial plot for the family and plan her funeral. Kris recalls how her mother had so many decisions to make when her Dad passed away, and doesn’t want her family to have to endure the same. Kris tells her family of her plans to alleviate the funeral planning burden from them for herself and also set them all up with burial plots. Naturally they poke fun at her. Undeterred, Kris moves forward with her plans. Kris drags Bruce to Hollywood Forever cemetery. Rob shows up too but think it’s ridiculous.  Khloe and Kim show up next and try to keep a straight face, but seem to enjoy touring the grounds and the mausoleums. Their next trip is to shop for caskets. Kris wants to test out one of the caskets and everyone is weirded out.

Kim thinks Kourtney is concerned about Mason’s reaction to having a new sibling and decides he needs a present.  She and Khloe buy him two goldfish. Not a pet person, Kourtney isn’t thrilled. The sisters set up the fish in their bowl and Kourtney relaxes a little when she sees how happy Mason is. A few days later when Khloe is over, she notices that one of the fish is dead.  Kourtney now admits why she doesn’t want pets. They die.  Khloe flushes him but not before Kourtney takes a picture so she can get an exact replacement before Mason notices.

At the pet store, Kourtney gets a new fish, but also invests in a real tank and heater so she doesn’t have to go through a pet death again.  A few days later, another fish dies and Kourtney calls Kim to say she is upset to keep going through this.  Bruce thinks instead of replacing these fish, teach Mason about death and heaven.  Bruce buys some children’s books on the subject and gives them to Kourtney and Mason. Kourtney’s response is to get rid of the the fish and the tank.

The sisters and Rob talk about Kris’ recent behavior. While they understand her intentions, they admit the whole ordeal is reminding them of when their Dad died. Planning Kris’ or anyone else in the family’s funeral and selecting a burial site is not something they want to deal with. They confront Kris and let her know while they appreciate whata she is doing, it’s making them uncomfortable. They do stress that it’s because they love her. The picture Rob took of Kris in the casket cinches it and Kris backs off.

Kris and Kim wonder who would take care of Mason if something happened to her and Scott.  When they pose the question to Kourtney, Kourtney becomes defensive, telling them it’s none of their business. Kris presses on, saying it affects the whole family. Kourtney tells them it’s not either of them and she had asked Khloe when Mason was born.  Kim is hurt, not understanding why she made that decision without even talking to her about it.  Kim is over Khloe’s house and tells her she spent time with Mason over the weekend while Khloe was with Lamar. Khloe knows immediately why Kim is bringing this up. Kim says she doesn’t understand why Kourtney thinks Khloe is the better aunt when she spends more time with him.  Khloe then goes to Kourtney asking her why she told Kim about the guardianship. Kourtney explains she was forced to, and she’s surprised Kim is so upset.  Not wanting to talk about “this stuff” Kourtney shuts the conversation down.

The next time Kim visits Kourtney, she is asked to babysit Mason for the following day. Kim asks why the guardian wasn’t asked and as she suspects, Khloe is too busy with Lamar. Kim flat out asks why Kourtney made this decision and that she is just hurt that she wasn’t even told when the decision was made. Kourtney explains that Kim has a very busy lifestyle, is wrapped up in herself right now and always travels, whereas Khloe is home most of the time and makes dinner every evening. Kim thinks that’s ridiculous, and that people do change their lifestyles to adjust to new circumstances.  Kourtney goes on to say Kim does come over a lot but seems all about taking pictures  of her and Mason to post on Twitter. Kim is shocked that Kourtney thinks she has ulterior motives for spending time with her nephew and walks away. A few days later, Kourtney apologizes to Kim and suggests a compromise. She’d like to leave Kim in charge of her and Mason’s financial affairs. Kim is consoled and happily accepts.

Rob surprises Kris with a visit to a beautiful vineyard, and invites her friends to help celebrate her life, as opposed to her death. There he unveils a new tattoo on his arm of his mother on her wedding day. He toasts him Mom, telling her to appreciate the here and now.

On next week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it’s behind the scene with Oprah!  Oprah and her crew visit the Jenner mansion for a sit down interview with all the Kardashians for her OWN network. Catch it Sunday August 26 at 9 p.m. on E!

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