Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 Episode 3: Everybody’s Wigging Out

keeping up with the kardashians season 7 episode 3On tonight’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim addresses her divorce through a conversation with Khloe. She talks about how difficult the situation is, having just come from a rough meeting with her lawyers. Khloe doesn’t understand why it is so hard since they were barely married. Kim guesses it’s because her ex is just plain pissed. Khloe urges her to find a way to relax and relieve her stress. Rob is looking for a new home and wants his Mom’s help. While Kim and Kris offer a bunch of conflicting suggestions, Bruce tells him to simply decide on a location then go from there.

Rob wants Kris to look at potential homes with him but Kris is too busy. Bruce offers to help Rob. Rob isn’t exactly thrilled, thinking his knowledge is limited to golf and toy helicopters. He enlists Kourtney’s help instead. Bruce shows up at and is surprised to find Kourtney there and that they have already done the walk through. Bruce begins to think Rob doesn’t trust his opinion. Rob admits to Kourtney he doesn’t value Bruce’s opinion and thinks he’s the hardest guy in the world to relate to. Sadly, Bruce honestly wants to help Rob but Rob puts him off.

Kim goes wig shopping. She surprises Rob at a bookstore wearing a long blonde wig. He’s weirded out, especially when she insists on speaking in a southern accent. She wants to go house hunting with Rob but he refuses to take her unless she changes back to her normal persona. Kim sneaks into Kourtney’s house and surprises them wearing a neon red wig. Not only does she have this weird wig, she has a new persona, Natasha the Russian spy, complete with a throaty voice. Mason runs away from her and Scott thinks she’s abnormal. Kim meets with Kylie and Kendall wearing yet another wig. This one is similar to Kris’hairstyle and when she starts acting like their mom, the girls are freaked out. They consider whether Kim is losing her mind.

Kris meets with music producer BabyFace to discuss managing new musicians. Working with him means burning the candle at both ends and soon she is stressed out. She has no time to have dinner with her family and then road rages with Scott in the car, scaring him half to death. Scott thinks she’s totally losing it and she admits she’s heavily stressed and tired. Kendall tells the family that she saw Kris in major road rage yet another time. Kourtney says Kris needs to be forced to take a break. Kourtney, Kylie and Kim take all her phones away and make her put on sweats. They arrange for her friends to come over and hang out. Kourtney invites Kim who shows up in yet another wig. Even Kris is freaked out now. Kim says she’s just doing these crazy things to relieve her own drama and stress.

Kourtney hosts another family dinner. It gets tense when Rob talks about his house hunting progress. He complains that his friends have dads who can guide them, and wished his dad was still around. After dropping that bomb, Rob gets up and leaves. Bruce is stunned that Rob doesn’t appreciate him at all. When he quietly complains to Kris, she can’t put the phone down long enough to listen. Bruce is extremely hurt by everything. The next day Kourtney points out to Kris that she didn’t even realize what took place. Kris is ashamed and intends to take care of it.

Kris calls Rob over to the house and confronts him. She literally has to remind him of how many things Bruce did for Rob when he was growing up. She even makes him watch a home videos to show how him how Bruce was there for him. He feels remorseful and apologizes to Bruce.

On the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bruce wants his family more involved in the Kardashians lives, but feels hesitancy from Kris. The next Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday, June 3 at 9 p.m. (ET) on E!

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