This is Kelly Bundy Coming in the Front Door Every Season of Married With Children

Despite the simplicity of the act of Kelly Bundy walking through the front door on Married With Children was almost always the beginning or the culmination of a classic moment. A lot of times she wasn’t alone when she walked through the front door, and at least half of those times she was with a male friend that her father didn’t approve of and likely wasn’t all that bright. As a matter of fact those were some of the best times since Al got to show the boyfriend just what he thought of a young man sneaking into his house with his pretty young daughter. Other times she had her own way of walking through that showed her emotions rather quickly.

Kelly was a ditz, plain and simple. That was proven on many occasions and during some moments when she walked in the door. The episode in which she came bombing through the front door and fell face first on the couch after running into the side was classic. Then there were the moments when she was forced to tiptoe her way into the house only to realize that her parents were either already up or that she’d come home later than she’d planned, meaning that everyone was up.

Out of all the characters on the show she was probably my second favorite largely because she was just flat out gorgeous and because she had the chance to commit to her comedic act with what seemed like little effort. In reality Christina Applegate is a very intelligent woman and has proven it on multiple occasions. She didn’t really get to flex her acting talents until such movies as Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and even later in Bad Moms and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. I think it’s fair to say that the image of Kelly Bundy kind of haunted her for a while and kept her from being treated as serious actress, though thankfully as time went by that stigma faded and she got to show just what she could do.

Kelly had her intelligent moments however, it’s just that walking in the front door was never one of them. If anything she got to show some of her funniest and most insanely blonde moments when she made her entrance. Kelly was definitely a Bundy, more so because she wasn’t all that bright and could resort to violence when she felt the need. In the family however her role was definitely as the foil to Bud, who was intelligent but not at all popular. She was largely ignored by her mother Peggy unless she found a way to bond with her, and was seen more as daddy’s little girl by Al, who would only stand up for her when she asked or when he finally noticed her.

All in all the Bundy’s were a horrible family that would get Child Protective Services called on them in a heartbeat, but were considered as funny as anything could possibly be. The satire of the show was what saved it for so long and kept so many fans coming back. Oh, and Kelly bouncing around for a while definitely got the men’s attention, but after a time she stopped doing that, mostly because it was understandably demeaning to her.

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