10 Things You Didn’t Know about Keshia Chante

She’s a Canadian singer and songwriter who has been working her game since she was a teenager. Keshia Chante was only a teenager when she released her first hit, and she hasn’t stopped since. In addition to her singing, she’s also well-known as an actor, television personality, and a dancer. She’s the co-host of BET’s 106 & Park since 2013, and she has a huge fanbase who love her and adore her. She’s someone everyone wants to get to know more about, and we thought we’d bring you all the most important things.

1. She’s an 80s Girl

Keshia Chante Harper was born on June 16, 1988. While she might technically be an 80s girl, she was only part of the best decade for growing up for about a year and-a-half, which is all she needed. She still got to grow up in the 90s, which was also a good time for kids before all the internet things and social media things took over our childhood and youths.

2. She’s from Ottawa

She was born in Ottawa, which is in Ontario. However, she was not raised there. She was actually raised in Toronto, which is also part of Ontario. Her ethnicity is rich. Her father is Trinidadian, and her mother is a mixture of Puerto Rican and Portuguese. She’s clearly inherited their beautiful genetics.

3. She’s an Only Child

Growing up, Keshia was an only child. Her parents didn’t have any additional kids, but we think that she kept them so busy with her performances and her own career even as a child that no one missed out on having a big household with many kids. Of course, we can only speculate that as being true.

4. She’s Been Performing Forever

The first time she ever performed, she was only 6. She received a standing ovation from it, and that’s when the ball started rolling for this little girl to have a lucrative and huge career. She was only 6, but she’s been giving it her all her entire life, and it shows.

5. She’s Got Huge Influences

Growing up, she needed people to look up to who were in the same line of work that she was in. She had some big influences in her childhood, and she still looks up to them today. She always says that people like Brandy and Beyonce and even Aaliyah are the people she looks up to the most, but it’s Tupac Shakur who is her biggest influence.

6. She’s Been Compared to Someone Famous

Throughout the course of her entire life, she’s been referred to as a doppelganger to someone very famous. The late singer Aaliyah is who everyone thinks she resembles. She’s been asked to play the late singer in a biopic, and she accepted, but she later declined when she learned that the late singer’s own mother did not want the film being made. We think that was a lovely choice on her part.

7. She’s Philanthropic

She’s not just talented. She’s kind. She’s been a youth ambassador. She’s been a traveling ambassador. She’s helped raise money for cancer awareness and education in third world countries. She’s worked to raise money for just about every important foundation in the world, and she’s very proud of her contributions.

8. She’s Famous for Something Really Fun

Here’s a very fun fact about this gorgeous star; she’s Drake’s first-ever girlfriend. But, it does get so much better than this. Not only was she his first girlfriend, but she’s also long been his muse. He’s written and performed many songs about her, inspired by her, and for her. That’s kind of a very cute situation if you ask us.

9. She’s Went Through Hard Stuff

It was 2010 when she announced to the public that she was dating someone new. His name was Ray Emery, and we all knew him as a famous NHL player. Their relationship seemed very sweet at first, but that didn’t last. In 2016, he asked her to marry him while in the Bahamas with friends,, but she announced less than a year later that she was not marrying him. She then went on to file for a restraining order when she accused him of assaulting her verbally and threatening her with a weapon. She didn’t want to press charges, so she agreed that if he went to anger management, she’d drop all charges. He did what she asked, but then he accidentally drowned in 2018. It was an emotional and difficult time for her.

10. She’s Got a Huge Following

Her fans love her. That’s all we have to say about that. They find her to be kind, funny, amusing, talented, and overall just a lovely person, and we cannot think of anything more flattering than being someone who the world looks up to.

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