10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Cahoon

Kevin Cahoon

You probably don’t know Kevin Cahoon as much as you might a few other actors but the fact that he’s trending at the moment seems to indicate that his career is on the rise and he could be someone to really take note of at the moment or in the near future. As to being a drag queen it might seem that way and it could very well be that he is part time but a lot of other pictures would indicate that it’s not a full-time lifestyle for him. After all he wouldn’t be the first to enjoy this kind of life now and again as others have done it for many years now and been perfectly accepted into society, in some areas at least. That being said though Kevin has had a rather interesting time on the way up as he’s been a busy individual and has plenty to show for it even if it’s not as plastered over the internet as the careers of others have been.

Here are few things about Kevin you might not have known.

10. His career started at age 6.

He started as a rodeo clown at the age of 6 and got pretty good at it to be honest. By the age of 10 he was into acting and had started on his career. From that point on he’s been doing his thing back and forth between TV and the theater where he’s become fairly well known to those that are in the know.

9. He’s done some directing as well.

A lot of actors tend to wait a bit before they seek out the director’s chair but some tend to try their hand at it at the beginning or midpoint of their career it would seem in this day and age. So long as they know what they’re doing and are able to bring the show together in a cohesive manner there’s nothing to be said about it since some of the best directors have come up in this manner.

8. Kevin is a singer/songwriter.

It’s so easy to be jealous of people that have this kind of talent that you can’t help but shake your head and wonder if there’s anything they can’t do. But then again it’s just as easy to be impressed and want to see just where the limits of their talent extend to. Sometimes there really isn’t a lot they can’t do.

7. His social media is still pretty small.

Kevin doesn’t have a massive following but like so much that could easily change as the years continue to roll by and he keeps doing what he’s passionate about. Sometimes it takes a while for people to really sit up and pay attention to those that have a great wealth of talent or at the very least are doing something different.

6. It would seem that his net worth is currently under review.

There are times when it would seem that celebrities just don’t want people to know what they’re worth for various reasons, but then again there are those times when it’s difficult to really understand how much they have in terms of assets and worth to the industry. Maybe we’ll get to find this detail out sooner rather than later.

5. He’s starred on Broadway in the past.

This is no small accomplishment after all since Broadway isn’t where you go if you’re just mediocre and have something to say. This is the big league where you go if someone has enough faith in you to put you in a big production that a lot of people will be willing to see. His stint in The Lion King seems to count even if he was one of the hyena’s because, quite honestly, it’s worth a great deal.

4. He played the part of Hugo on A Series of Unfortunate Events.

It kind of goes without saying that the Jim Carrey version of this was kind of a flop and the one that was made for Netflix was quite a bit better and had a lot more thought put into it. For that reason it’s worth mentioning that anyone having something to do with it has earned a good deal of respect.

3. There’s not a lot of information online about him.

At the moment there’s not a whole lot to be found on him on the internet. It’s not all that odd since information tends to flow a little easier when a person is constantly in the spotlight and is more forthcoming about their career.

2. He’s definitely a flamboyant character.

It would appear that Kevin really likes to get into whatever he’s doing at any given moment and also likes to have a lot of fun with it. Life is for living after all.

1. Something indicates that he’s a bit of an art lover, in many forms.

This is indicated mostly by the pictures you can find on his Instagram account since he obviously finds beauty and some form of art in a lot of different places.

Maybe the fact that he’s trending will allow his story to be told in a little more detail.

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