Kevin Smith Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions About Himself

Clerks 3

Kevin Smith can be a bit pretentious at times but the best part of him is that he seems like such a nice, down to earth type of person that this quality seems to get overridden rather quickly and it becomes a lot easier to like him than to criticize him in a big way. He’s been around for well over two decades now and has become someone that is on the minds of so many people that you can hear his name pop up in show business on a fairly regular basis. Thus, when he shows up to answer the most searched questions about himself it was likely that he was going to take it around the room a few times and speak on his own situation and self in a way that would make you laugh and come to understand that he’s actually a pretty interesting guy as well as someone that has seen a lot and done a lot in his life that allows people to relate to him in a number of ways.

His movies are a little crazy, that goes without saying, but there’s no doubt a reason for it since he’s an adult that still enjoys fairly childish things such as the comic book feel that comes with some of his story lines. From Clerks, his first movie, to Dogma and several other movies that have come since he’s been a name that has been bounced around in various conversations both positive and negative depending on who’s talking and what they’re talking about. In a way Kevin Smith has been like a sounding board that has no trouble voicing his opinion but can also sit and listen at times to those that feel the need to give the kind of feedback that his work seems to inspire. He has taken on a couple of controversial topics in his movies and he’s done so in a way that angers some people and makes others laugh uproariously since the way he does it is nothing less than stunning since he doesn’t balk at much and he pushes forward in a way that some people absolutely love. Smith gives us a reason to think that standing back and letting someone dictate the rules at every possible turn is not a desirable position in life. He’s not the shining beacon that some people would decide to call him and he might even agree with this, but at the same time he’s someone that can be looked at as a unique individual that’s not going to sit still when he can put his mark on the world and insure that it will last.

The world did almost lose him as of last year since he did suffer a pretty serious heart attack that was almost the end of him. This opened his eyes quite a bit since he went on to lose a lot of weight, as can be seen in the video and photos, and he’s been given a new lease on life so to speak that he’s not about to waste. True, he wasn’t wasting it in the first place as he was still going full-steam ahead when it came to his directorial duties. But the act of almost dying did manage to get him back on track with his health, and it’s made him appreciate what he has even more as you can imagine. If you dig a little the upcoming Clerks 3 is actually taking off of his personal experience with the heart attack as one of his main characters is going to suffer something similar that will act as a life-altering experience that will put him on a different and possibly much more positive course. Kevin has put himself in his movies in a big way and has modeled his movies after his life more than once in the past since he’s made it necessary to see who and what he is in terms of the creative process that one can witness. It’s this quality, among other things, that has drawn in a lot of people and made him the icon he is today. The fact that anyone might not know who he is in all honesty isn’t really that hard to believe since with so many stars out there and so much world to cover when it comes to entertainment, there will always be areas that don’t quite get covered as others. Kevin Smith is still more of a niche director that is popular among his fans and those that happen to see his movies now and again. But apart from that, he’s still one of the more unique and innovative minds out there.

If you’ve got any other questions about Kevin Smith then you know that Google likely has the answer. If not, well, you might actually be able to ask him via email.

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