Kid Cudi To Appear As “Bad Guy” on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For people who don’t know the name Kid Cudi, I will give you the heads up right now. You are going to want to. He is an incredibly talented young man who has done incredibly well in music and is looking to further that popularity by showing us how versatile and talented he really is. An absolutely amazing singer and performer, the young rapper has How To Make It In American from HBO under his acting belt, and it seems he is about to add Brooklyn Nine-Nine to his resume as well.

So on this week’s episode, Brooklyn Nine-Nine get their second big name star, Kid Cudi, to play a jewel thief. They have made the info scarce so far, but The Hollywood Reporter says Cudi signed on and is ready to go with his guest stint. I’ll tell you, I have seen Cudi live, and have seen him in How To Make It In America, and I will be honest, this guy is set to take off and become a household name for more than just his musical abilities. Heck, watch his video for Mr.Rager and you will see what I mean.

As of right now, it is reported Kid Cudi is only set to guest star, but we really hope this turns into a full time gig for him. Tune in to Brooklyn Nine-Nine tonight to see what you think of Kid Cudi’s guest gig.

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