Could Kid Rock Actually Become President of the United States?

It’s not as much of a laughing matter as you might seem to think. Take a step back and realize just who’s in office after all. We currently have a POTUS that was at one time a reality star and a guest star on WWE. He’s been an entrepreneur and all-around hated personality for so many years that someone must have thought it would make sense to put in the one position where he’d be criticized non-stop and with some of the most hateful rhetoric ever known to mankind. We’ve also had a former bodybuilder turned action star as the governor of California, a former professional wrestler turned conspiracy theorist as the governor of Minnesota. Kid Rock getting into the US Senate isn’t that bad of a joke after all.

So far he seems for real and completely legitimate, as he has been gaining support from various people and organizations towards a campaign that could hypothetically see him as a very serious candidate to beat. Most people don’t want to or can’t force themselves to believe this, but in this America as it stands now there is nothing that states that a person can’t be what they want to be given enough time and preparation. While there’s no real telling if Rock is preparing something big to announce his bid for candidacy, there’s nothing to say that he won’t.

Some tend to think that it’s a giant publicity stunt to kick off a new tour or concert, but many others aren’t ready to dismiss it so quickly. Those that have been following Rock for the majority of his career know that he’s not so foolish as to make a claim such as this and then not deliver, but there are still those holding their breath to see what happens when the other shoe drops.

The upside of Kid Rock becoming a member of the US Senate is that it promotes change and possible growth if he is in fact the right person for the job. It’s not really known if his aspirations come with any true skill in politics or if he is just another person with an opinion. Time would only tell if he was the correct person to put in such a position of trust and power.

On the downside he isn’t much different from Trump in that he tells you how it is without any attempt at sugarcoating anything. He’ll be blunt and to the point and in some cases will even be verbally aggressive. This isn’t an overall bad thing, but when used to the extreme it can make any speaker seem like a bully or worse, a power-hungry would be despot.

There’s a lot yet to see and hear in the matter of Kid Rock becoming a true and honest candidate for the Senate, but as of now it wouldn’t be wise to simply rule him out. He’s been quite honest and sincere in his bid thus far, and it might be interesting to see what will happen.


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