It Kind of Looks Like Finn Wolfhard Wrote his IMDB Profile Himself

From the title it might sound like a bad thing but in truth this is what makes Finn Wolfhard so uniquely awesome. How many other kids would go ahead and do their IMDb page? There’s no guarantee it’s him that wrote it but more or less it looks like a kid would have done it. Most kids don’t yet have the experience or vocabulary to tackle something like an IMDb page that details what an actor has done and what makes them interesting and unique from so many others, but the subject material in this description is pretty straightforward and to the point. If it wasn’t Finn then I’d say the adult writer that did it needs to take a few lessons moving forward. Of course if Finn was dictating it word for word then it’s still impressive enough to be noticed.

Have you ever read and IMDb page? They’re usually pretty impersonal and give whatever details an actor doesn’t mind spreading about themselves. Sometimes you’ll find out how they got their start in show business, others will showcase what schools they went to, where their family is from and etc. It’s capable of giving a lot of information but it’s nothing you couldn’t find out about a person on a Wiki page or some other equally accessible source.

This kind of IMDb page is cool because you get a sense of personality to go along with the person it’s describing. People want to know that the stars they enjoy are actually people too with feelings and lives that are vaguely like their own. It doesn’t matter if a child star belongs to a famous family or if they were picked for their role because out of a thousand kids they were deemed the best at reading their lines, they’re kids all the same and they have the same general attitude about life at certain ages that most kids do.

This means that whether Finn did this page or not it’s a lot different from the typical biography page because it’s way more personal and adds in things that you might never find in a regular IMDb page. Plus most actors won’t date themselves so obviously, as is done here with the reference to Sam Raimi’s Spiderman. A lot of us still remember when Spiderman had his own live TV show and was a morning cartoon.

The writing isn’t that bad really but it’s a little basic here and there something that a kid would write but an educated kid all the same. As a writer you tend to analyze and, unfortunately, criticize other people’s work even if you don’t mean to, and looking at this it would be easy to tear it down, but so unnecessary. There’s no need to tear anyone down if they’re doing something that’s meaningful and obviously meant to impress. Writing isn’t a skill that’s exclusive to anyone really, and when writing your own biography the only person that’s perfectly suited to this task is you.


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