10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kirito from Sword of Art

As with any great production, whether it is a general film or an anime production, the depth of the production is supported by the depth of the characters and the actors who are responsible for bringing those characters to life. Sword art is not only an anime-based game but a story being told over a series of episodes. As I stated a moment ago, it is the depth of the characters that give the story life and there is plenty of depth to Kirito, one of the main Characters. Let’s look at 10 facts that you probably don’t know Kirito to examine his depth.

1. He and Bruh Man (Martin) Have Something In Common

For those who watched the sitcom, Martin, during the 1990s, you know exactly what I am speaking of. Bruh Man never used the door, he always used the window to enter and exit rooms. Kirito is notorious for the same thing. It is likely due to his need to enter and exit quickly. It is something can be easily overlooked if you are not aware of it.

2. Kirito Changed His Hair Style

Between series episode, Kirito Change his hair from the smooth look to a more spikey look which is common in anime productions. However, he ended up changing it back because his lady basically said it was untouchable. Okay, she actually said that it was difficult to sit on. Some of the underlying tones in this story are absolutely hilarious.

3. He Is The Only One Who Can Use the Deal Wheel Skill

In the game, there is a skill called the Deal Wheel. The only one in the game that can use it at this time is Kirito. The reason that only Kirito can use this skill is that of the skill is accessed by the one with the quickest reaction, and currently, that person is Kirito.

4. His Computer Processor is Next-Level by All Standards

In the story, Kirito uses his home computer for gaming. This is kind of neat when you considered the gaming references. What is more notable is the size of his processor. Based on the storyline, the processor is a 24 gig processor which would be the most powerful in the world. There should be no delays or frozen screens with a processor that powerful.

5. Kirito’s Favorite Food is the Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Am I the only one that finds it fascinating how McDonald’s has the ability to insert its products in almost every situation. While I love teriyaki chicken, I am not a fan of McDonald’s in the slightest, but who am I to judge Kirito and his choice of foods? To each his own, right?

6. He Has Had a Change of Heart about Green Onions

I absolutely love green onion, I used in almost everything I cook. Initially, Kirito did not like green onions, but he soon developed the same love I have for the green vegetable. So, what made him change his mind about green onions? Once again, his girlfriend cooked a meal with green onions and there was some sort of magic in that dish because he totally switched sides.

7. Kirito is a True Rebel

Kirito reminds me a lot of my second son. When my son decided he wanted to do something, he never considered the consequences of what he was about to do. This oversight was not an absence of awareness. He knew what the consequence would be but he was simply determined to do what he wanted regardless.

8. Kirito’s Favorite Skill Is Fishing

With all of the fighting skills that Kirito possesses can you believe that his favorite skill has nothing to do with fighting at all? As it turns out. His favorite skill and pastime is fishing. Not only does he fish a lot, but he works constantly on improving his skill as a fisherman. Maybe he is preparing for retirement.

9. He Was Initially Mistaken as a Girl

Actually, this is more common than you might believe in the world of anime. Sometimes the gender ambiguity is something done on purpose to create intrigue, and other times it simply the nature of the artistry that leaves questions. The misconception was quickly corrected and Kirito’s gender was clarified.

10. He Once Attempted Wielding Three Swords

There is no doubt that Kirito challenges himself to be one of the best fighters alive. He once even attempted wielded three swords but abandoned the endeavors citing the idea that he was going to hurt himself if he continued. I guess that everyone has their limitations.

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