Knives Out is Going to Have Two Sequels on Netflix

It would appear what was supposed to be a one-movie deal has now become three since Rian Johnson has been given enough money that he can’t be expected to walk away since Knives Out 2 and 3 will be on the way eventually, as filming for part 2 will start up in June it sounds like. Both sequels will be headed to Netflix, which paid out an enormous sum to get Johnson back on track, and creating each movie as the second movie will apparently be a brand new movie, apart from the first, but will still star Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc. Ana de Armas and a few other individuals from the first movie have expressed a desire to return, but so far Craig is the only one that has been confirmed for the second movie, making it clear that he’s the one that will be pushing the main part of the narrative as he takes on another case that will likely introduce him to another group of people that harbor some dark secret that they don’t want to reveal. Seeing as how the first movie made back its budget and much, much more, it’s not too surprising to see that this is happening. Right now it doesn’t sound too hopeful to see that many of the big-name actors will return for the second movie, but given that production hasn’t started yet there’s always a chance that things will change and a surprise could occur that will see various actors return.

Now comes the matter of does this need to happen. Well, apparently Netflix feels it does and it is hard to argue with the return that Knives Out received since the critical reviews were mostly positive and even the fans happened to like it so hey, that kind of makes it easy to say yes and push forward. But while a lot of people are praising Johnson since he’s definitely in his element when it comes to this type of movie, one has to wonder if the pressure of making a sequel is going to be too much or if the next two movies are going to be able to pull in just as much or if Knives Out was better off as a one and done kind of movie. That’s almost always the thought at times, even with trilogies that are mapped out and given the go-ahead since there’s no telling just what the fans are going to say, or how they’ll react when it comes to the movie. Plus, there’s little to no real information on plot points that have been released as of yet, so people are going to have to keep guessing what the next movie will be about, and who will be in it. That’s not such a big deal at the moment since this announcement is basically to tell people that the movies are coming, not so much that they’ve been mapped out and fully detailed.

Given the idea that the first movie drew some very famous faces for its story, it does feel as though the sequel might attract a few other famous individuals that might be of B status or are perhaps past their prime and are simply ready for the next role. There are plenty of those types in Hollywood at this time and there are a lot of famous individuals that might want in on this movie due to the hype that the first one received. But, and this is where I might have to eat my words later, the sequel isn’t bound to be quite as good as the first movie, since that’s the typical nature of a sequel, even if the stories are completely different and connected only by a couple of characters or main points. There are of course sequels that surpass the original movie, but this isn’t exactly the rule, it’s the exception, and it’s very likely that the second and third movies might not be able to reach the bar that the first movie set. It’s a hope that this will happen of course, but at this point in history, a lot of people are fully aware of the idea that reaching that bar can be extremely difficult with a sequel, no matter how skilled a director is. The point is that the people have seen the first movie, they’ve witnessed what the main character can do, and they might be expecting lightning in a bottle again, so to speak. If that’s not produced then it’s very likely that many people will figure that, like most sequels, the one they were hoping would be great has turned out to be little more than a pale shadow of the original movie.

If Knives Out 2 does in fact surpass the original or even match it then it will be time to take my words back, but it feels likely this won’t happen.

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