What We Know about the Knight Rider Reboot So Far

Nostalgia is making a big comeback nowadays as some of the most popular and iconic shows and movies are finally being revisited and brought into the 21st century in a way that a lot of us never expected. Among those is a show that I’m sure a lot of us remember and were likely on hand for when it aired with each new episode, Knight Rider. Just the name inspires a feeling that it will be something special, or at least it used to. Back in the day Knight Rider was a name to get excited about largely because it meant that Hasslehoff and KITT were about to come out and kick some major butt. At that point an intelligent, talking car was still a novelty that had a lot of merit and kept fans waiting for every upcoming episode. The treatment it got nearly a decade ago when an attempt was made to bring the series back was so half-hearted that fans just couldn’t bring themselves to embrace the idea enough to make it work.

But the rumor of the Hoff coming back in this new upcoming version might be enough to get people back on board again. There’s no confirmed rumors of how he’ll be involved, but guaranteed if the Hoff is going to be on set or behind the camera, fans will be far more likely to tune in.  Here are a few other reasons why we might be able to get excited about the upcoming reboot.

Justin Lin is directing.

This is the guy responsible for The Fast and The Furious franchise and the success it’s had so far. If he can take that kind of energy and put it into Knight Rider then the series is already several steps ahead. Thus far there’s been no news of who’ s going to be cast other than the rumor that Hasslehoff will be on set, but no matter who is cast the confidence in Lin is absolute.

Science fiction has become science fact.

Back in the 1980’s a talking car with its own intelligence was thought of as little more than a scifi wonder that had no real merit in the real world. Now however, with the advent of AI and the development of self-driving cars it’s more of a reality than ever. How Lin is going to want to work KITT is not really known yet, but with his talent for directing and the thought that any cast that is brought in for this show will be top notch, KITT should be back to true form in no time and perhaps even better than before.

The goal is to release the new Knight Rider sometime in 2017, but the specifics have not been laid down yet.  As of now all we know is that the show is coming back and that the Hoff will have something to do with it. This should no doubt help this version get off the ground a lot better than it did a decade ago. Some things you just shouldn’t do without some type of respect given to the original.


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