'Knowing LOST' FanFic Premieres

LOST‘s fandom is perhaps some of the most best in television history. It almost comes with the territory, considering how thought-provoking the entire series was. Throughout the course of the show, fans speculated, debated, argued, and worked together to create a thriving community based around the Island and its castaways. But now that the series has concluded, fans are still just as passionate as before. The finale was two weeks ago, and fans are still talking about it like it ended yesterday.

Today is the premiere of Knowing LOST, a fan-created project that is a “fan fiction” in every sense of the word. Knowing LOST is a project designed to celebrate the entire fandom, from the podcasters to the bloggers, from the spoiler debates to the finale arguments. How do I know? Because I created it.

Knowing LOST tells the story of two fans of the series. Both love LOST, but in completely opposite ways. After attending Jay and Jack’s finale party in Los Angeles, the two venture back to the east coast by plane — but they don’t make it. Instead, they wake up on the Island on September 22, 2004, amongst the fuselage and passengers of Oceanic Flight 815. As they struggle to find out what brought them to the Island, they also struggle with the knowledge they have from watching the series. Do they spoil the survivors about what will happen next? Or do they allow things to play out in their own, natural way?

I can’t say much more about the project without feeling really self-indulgent, but I must say that I’m immensely proud of it. It’s been a collaborative effort between several members of the fan community and myself. While the first episode, “Irony Is the Sincerest Form of Fate,” is written entirely by me, as the series progresses, more writers will come in and write episodes.

Episodes will be released weekly.

You can follow Knowing LOST on Twitter.


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