Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2 Episode 5: Questionable Actions

kim kardashian When last we left the gang on Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kris H was instrumental in repairing the relationship between estranged bffs Kim and Jonathan Cheban. This week; however, Kris relentlessly confronts Jonathan about his sexuality, sending their own friendship into a tailspin. Meanwhile the ever frugal Kourtney decides to become a coupon maven. Seriously?

Scott is taken with a Steinway piano he sees in a store window.Thinking it reeks wealth, he buys a baby grand for the penthouse. Kourtney eloquently describes Scott as ‘like, the anti-musical guy.’She’s not thrilled with the piano purchase, telling him she doesn’t understand why he would buy one if he doesn’t know how to play. They make a sex deal, she will let him ‘do her dirty’on the piano if he takes lessons. And if he doesn’t learn, the piano goes. Scott buys himself a book to teach himself the piano. When Kourtney ridicules him, he enlists a professional. He wants to take lessons in private and not at home in front of the others.

Kim and Kris meet up with her gay friend Simon and his date at a sport club for some ping pong. Jonathan is supposed to meet them there and was invited to bring a date. Kris realizes he has never seen Jonathan with a date and asks the group about that. Nobody seems to know anything. Kim admits she has never discussed Jonathan’s love life and doesn’t even know his sexual preference. As expected, Jonathan shows up solo. Kris is dragged along on a potpourri shopping trip with Kim and Jonathan. He watches in amazement and boredom (see video below) at the two of them sniffing oils. Kris takes him aside and asks him straight out if he’s gay. Jonathan is offended and defensive. Jonathan complains to Kim who is shocked at Kris’s boldness.

Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2 Episode 5When they’re alone, Kim gently prods at Jonathan for details on his love life. While changing in front of him, she asks him if he likes girls or guys. He doesn’t give a direct answer but admits he has never been in love. This makes Kim sad. Kris still wants to get to the bottom of this and decides to question Simon. He admits he has never seen Jonathan with a guy or a girl but wants to know why Kris feels he needs to know. Kris counters that since he spends so much time with Kim, he has a right to know, especially if she’s changing her clothes in front of him. Simon says he has never gotten a gay vibe from him. Kris isn’t buying it, saying ‘he’s not NOT gay, do the math.’

Scott plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano for his roommates, and Kourtney shows us she has zero singing ability. Afterwards she says the piano has to go back. Interestingly, Kris shows he has some piano skills, but Kim tells him it’s annoying because she hears enough from Scott. Kris just looks at her.

Khloe turns Kourtney on to couponing. On her first trip to the grocery store, she saves just $7. Deciding to step up her couponing skills, she meets with a seasoned coupon expert for tips and some trading. Kris thinks she should spend more time with Scott and not waste time with coupons. He tears up some of her coupons to shreds reminding her she’s a millionaire.

Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2 Episode 5Kris, Kim and Jonathan meet for lunch. Kris apologizes to Jonathan. As soon as the awkward subject comes up, Jonathan reveals he has a date that night. Kim asks to meet her and invites herself over. Jonathan and Kris start taking shots at each other. Kris thinks he’s trying to divert attention from himself. Kim grows increasingly uncomfortable as Jonathan lays into Kris. Even still, they meet Jonathan for dinner later so they can meet his date. Kris is suspicious that it’s all planned and that she’s probably some model that Jonathan reps. When his date arrives, Kris actually asks Arianna outright if she thought he was gay when she met him.

Kourtney takes her couponing to extreme measures and stocks the penthouse with stuff they don’t even need. When she stands Scott up for lunch because of her shopping, Scott has a fit. The group decides an intervention is needed and they hide her coupon book.

Simon comes over and tells them Jonathan freaked out about Kris’s behavior in front of his date. Simon and Kim tell Kris that since Jonathan already said he’s not gay, he needs to leave it alone. Simon tells the story of his coming out which was not a good experience, as someone had outed him to his mother before he was ready. Kris understands and backs down. Kris meets with Jonathan to apologize for having taken his curiosity too far. Kris does say he was trying to get to know him better. Jonathan says he likes to be private, he’s not gay and that’s where it should end.

Kourtney decides to go to the market and looks for her coupon book. Scott throws all of junk products on the floor and confronts her with her obsessive behavior. After taking a good look at all the crap she has collected, she relents and says she will cut back.

Next week, the boys take a weekend trip to Toronto and Scott returns to some of his wild ways. Kourtney and Kim Take New York airs two new episodes back to back Sunday, January 8 at 10 p.m. (ET) on E!

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