Kristen Wiig in Talks for Cheetah Villain Role in Wonder Woman 2

It was recently revealed that a new villain is being introduced in ‘Wonder Woman 2’. This villain is Dr. Barbara Minerva, with the alias Cheetah. Although the exact role of this character in the new storyline has not yet been revealed, there has been speculation over who will take on the role. According to Deadline, there is the possibility that actress Kristen Wiig is being lined up to portray this character. Although she has become known as the comedy queen due to her many roles in comedy films, it is rumored that she is currently in talks to play the part.

Comic book fans have already met Dr. Minerva and in the comics, she is an archaeologist who is willing to take on any challenge if it means she can secure artifacts. When she gets lost in the African jungle during a botched expedition she suddenly becomes the Cheetah. This happens when she discovers that the locals have a mystical ritual. The recipient of the ritual is endowed with the powers of the locals’ cheetah god. The archaeologist’s demands that the local endow these same powers upon her.

Unfortunately, something goes wrong in the process and the outcome is far less desirable than she had hoped. Just like a werewolf, she only gains the powers of the cheetah at their full strength during a full moon.

While this may seem a lot of information to include in a sequel movie, fans have already discovered a lot about Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, who was played by Gal Gadot. The sequel is the perfect opportunity to discover more about the villain playing against her. The downside of the news about Cheetah is that it may possibly mean that Doctor Poison, the villain from ‘Wonder Woman’, is no longer in the picture. This villain was played by Elena Anaya and this is a character that many will miss.

It makes sense that Dr. Minerva and Diana Prince would cross paths at some point as there is no doubt that Wonder Woman has collected a few relics during her adventures. However, it is likely that the two characters will be complete opposites. While Diana Prince loves and respects all beings, Dr. Minerva lacks a conscience and thinks nothing of ravaging and stealing. Therefore, it is likely that the relationship between the two will be based on the conflict between their traits, personalities, and ethics.

The addition of Kristen Wiig to the sequel is likely to be welcomed by fans of superhero movies as there are more women needed in this genre of films, regardless of the fact that Wiig is new to superhero films. As she is particularly well-known for her comedic talent, this is another reason why she has the potential to work so well alongside the other characters. Ezra Miller led the way in terms of actors typically associated with comedies then appearing in superhero movies when he appeared in ‘Justice League’. His performance was highly praised.

The movies for which Wiig is best-known include ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Bridesmaids’, both of which are comedies. It has not yet been confirmed whether she has agreed to take on the role of the villain in ‘Wonder Woman 2’. If she does, it is the perfect opportunity for her fans to see how well she adapts to playing such a different character from the usual roles she accepts.

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