Lady Gaga Reinterprets Elton John’s “Your Song” and It’s Really Good

Lady Gaga reinterpreting an Elton John song might have been enough make a person cringe back in the days when she first started. But her rendition of Your Song is pretty good, and more to the point it’s a very well-done piece that shows just how she’s matured through her time spent in the industry. Anyone singing an Elton John song needs to have some respect for it and the man to start with, and Lady Gaga has proven that she has the voice for it and can provide one very professional show, but the fact that she’s toned down throughout the years is kind of nice since it also proves that when she first came in she had to let everyone know who she was. Now that they do, she can show them what she can really do.

One great example of this would be her performance at SuperBowl 50 when she sang the Star Spangled Banner. Her voice that day was simply amazing, and many people were worried, thinking that she would do something that might make a mockery of the anthem, but she proved to everyone that she had a ton of respect for what she did and for the country at large. And she proved without a doubt that she could sing in a manner that is just absolutely heavenly. Her oddities have been seen more than heard throughout her career thus far, but the manner in which she’s appeared has often tainted the opinion that people have had about her music. But no longer. Now it’s obvious that she’s one of the possible greats headed towards a reputation of being among the best in the business, and deservedly so.

Her use of Elton John’s song is great enough that she can be called a true artist now and even before she decided to take it up and show what she could do with it. At this point in her career she can still be a bit odd on stage but now it’s seen and accepted more than not since she’s managed to cement in the minds of her fans that despite the strange costumes she wears now and again that she is very capable as a singer. Of course the fans that have stuck with her have known this for a while and have never doubted. If all you ever did was listen to her songs without watching the videos you might have thought the same thing since there is a resonance to her voice that is hard to deny, and a rich quality within her tone that makes just about any song she sings sound just that much better.

Lady Gaga came onto the scene in a manner that seemed as though she was banking on the oddity of her act to do anything worthwhile, but perhaps it was phase that she plans on stepping into and out of now and again to keep things interesting. No matter if she does or not however her voice is on point and one of her greatest attributes.

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