The Last Six Minutes of True Detective Last Night Was the Best Thing On TV In Years

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True Detective has been pretty impressive so far between the performances of its two fantastic leads, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and the central murder mystery that’s far more gripping than any traditional crime procedural.

While the show has been considered of as well-made for a while now, True Detective took things to an entirely new level last night in episode four. Our own Randy Dankievitch will have his own review up shortly, but it’s worth spotlighting the soon-to-be-famous scene in question. And no, it’s not Alexandra Daddario taking her top off again, as magical as that may have been in episode two.

Rather, the episode ends with a six minute long one-shot that has Rust, undercover, robbing a drug den in a housing project with three biker cronies. The scene was filmed entirely in one take, the camera never breaking from the action as Rust goes from inside the house to all over the neighborhood, dodging gangsters and cops, all the while hauling along a man he needs to interrogate.

MTV spoke to director Cary Fukunaga about the scene:

“We had ADs [assistant directors] all over the neighborhood because we had to release extras, crowd running background, police cars, stunt drivers. There were actual gun shots and stones being thrown through windows. There were a lot of things to put together,” Fukunaga said. “Even the action, the stunt sequences were complicated. We’re working on a television schedule. It isn’t like a film where you can spend a lot of time working the stunts out with the actors. We only had a day and a half to get Matthew and everyone else on the same page.”

The line between TV and film becomes ever blurrier, and this was one of the most impressive television achievements I’ve ever seen. I cannot stop watching this scene, and you can see it for yourself here.

[Photo via James Bridges/HBO]

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