How Legion Landed Jon Hamm to Be Season 2’s Style Narrator

It’s pretty easy to say how Legion managed to land Jon Hamm as the style narrator of season 2. They asked. That’s it, plain and simple. The narrator of season 2 that pops in from time to time is Jon Hamm as you already know, and he’s there more for educational background about the show and what’s going on than anything. It’s kind of an odd thing to add into a show but it’s been done before with The Royal Tenenbaum’s. The effect is kind strange but it’s something that people tend to like and makes the whole thing a little more interesting. Plus Jon Hamm just has the kind of voice that can make it work.

As you know by now David Haller is not a stable person. As the son of Charles Xavier he stands as one of the most potentially powerful mutants in the entire world, but he has one slight problem. He’s not what you would call a completely sane person. Having suffered with schizophrenia all his life he’s been shuffled from one psychiatric facility to another, never finding the proper treatment as his condition has stymied people left and right. Eventually however it was discovered that his condition was caused by a creature known as the Shadow King, whom he managed to expel in season one. That won’t stop the problems however since David’s mind is essentially fractured, which means that there live within him many different personalities that he’s not always fully aware of. In the comics he was one of the most powerful mutants alive, but he was also hampered by his own mental condition as he wasn’t always ‘there’ all the time. This kind of limited his effectiveness as a member of any team since he couldn’t always be relied upon.

In the comics Legion kind of came and went it seemed, but in his own show he’s proving to be something kind of unique since the whole effect thus far is something that’s more real and therefore easier to relate to. Jon Hamm’s voice as the narrator is just icing on the cake really when it comes to the continued success of this show. David is at the moment in a bad spot, but seeing as he’s the main protagonist there will always be something that brings him back, no matter how hard it might be. Shows like this are somewhat predictable simply because they need to be in order to draw the viewers in, but sometimes there are moments when the unexpected does happen. It’s just a matter of when really.

Being that this show does exist in the same universe as the X-Men however it would be nice to see a stronger connection eventually. Perhaps it’s something the show is building towards, or the very least is a consideration that would be able to be realized at some point. Right now the show is going along fine on its own, but in the future it seems like it might be able to further benefit from a crossover of some sort.

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