Lego Millennium Falcon Builds Itself in Stop Motion Video

Ever seen a Lego set build itself? No, of course not, but watching this stop motion video of the Millennium Falcon appearing to come together all on its own was pretty cathartic and it was even amusing when one of the songs started playing and the line “What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know?” could be heard loud and clear. If that didn’t make you laugh then you might be a dedicated fanboy or someone that has no sense of humor….and a fanboy. Otherwise, watching this video was pretty impressive since the amount of time these kinds of sets take and the time and patience they require are tremendous in both regards since it’s likely that a lot of people will eventually get lost at one point or another while trying to follow the directions and will mistake one piece for another and, well, you know. Frustration is a constant risk when working on something like this and the hours that go into it, unless one is a Legos wizard, can start stacking up and become a real challenge as people might find that they either don’t have the time or they don’t have the patience or both. But to do a stop motion video of the process is even more exhausting just to think about since trying to imagine setting everything up is enough to make a person’s eyelids heavy considering how many pieces there really are and how many times the camera would need to stop and start.

But the dig at George Lucas is really amusing since a lot of people might feel the same way about the creator of the franchise these days since, from a business stance, he did make a lot of money by selling Lucasfilm, but from any other stance, it feels that he just sold everything he had in order to make a big payday. Had he held onto Lucasfilm it’s likely that he might have made something entirely different if he’d gone ahead with the franchise, but it’s also likely it wouldn’t have been quite as popular. Look at the vitriol the fans spat at him over the prequels. Ironically, now fans aren’t mad about the prequels any longer but are ready to keep dumping on the most recent trilogy since Disney took it for a jog well off the beaten path, turning Luke Skywalker into a crazy old hermit and sinking a heavy dose of feminism into the franchise that made it clear that there was no two way about it: the Force is going to be female and you’d better like it. That would sound harsh and a little unfair if there weren’t shirts out there that actually say “the Force is female”. Just to be clear, somewhere down the line Disney decided it was okay for Star Wars to become more divisive at this point than it’s ever been since it was created, and while more women in the franchise are great, especially since there have always been more women in the books than in the movies, ramming this fact down the throats of the fans is something that has had a rather negative effect.

Oh of course fans haven’t stopped watching, the day that happens will mean that someone like Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson was given free rein to simply knock the franchise into the feminist side of the pool and anchor it there for good. But judging by the reactions of a lot of fans there’s plenty wrong with the current state of Star Wars, and it’s not just what’s been done as of The Last Jedi. Being fair, since bashing Kennedy and Johnson is too easy, Star Wars fans are extremely fickle and aren’t noted for appreciating change in any way, shape, or form. They want the movies to remain in the same style as the original trilogy but don’t want to hear that The Empires Strikes Back was reviled in its own time since it would mean that at some point The Last Jedi might finally be forgiven for all of its foibles, just as the prequels have been forgiven in recent years. So by that reckoning the next trilogy, or movie, is likely to be torn apart by the fans and the most recent trilogy will finally be accepted and welcomed into the fold, and any talk of petitioning to have the movies struck from canon will cease. Right? That would make sense, but that would be the fallacy that a lot of people would fall for. Fans of Star Wars are going to stay fickle, that’s a constant that hasn’t gone away as of yet and doesn’t appear to be ready to fade anytime soon. The enjoyment that a lot of people get from the franchise is great, but the negativity that simmers just below the surface is worth an eye roll.

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