Leverage : Season 5 Kicks Off Tonight on TNT

Tonight marks the season 5 premiere of TNT’s hit drama, Leverage. Whether you’ve been anxiously awaiting the show’s return or you are just a curious television watcher with an open slot in your TV lineup, you’re going to want to make sure and tune in tonight as Leverage begins its fifth season.

Leverage, for those unfamiliar, focuses on a group of corporate vigilantes of sorts, a team who works with people who have been victimized by powerful and wealthy individuals or corporations to expose them and bring them to justice. Leverage stars Timothy Hutton as a former insurance investigator who has an understanding of scams and how they work. He leads the team which includes a master of deception and disguise (‘The Grifter’), a computer expert (‘The Hacker’), a martial artist / weapons expert (‘The Hitter’), and a cat burglar (‘The Thief’). Each one of these highly specialized, if not somewhat questionable, individuals uses his or her skills to complete the perfect con, therefore bringing corporate greed to its knees.

For its fifth season, Leverage will be set in Portland, Oregon, where it has been filming all along anyway. This change of setting will allow the show to utilize much of identifiable landscape in the show, whereas before it was necessary to leave it out or disguise it to maintain the illusion of being set in a different area.

Also, for season 5, Leverage will continue its tradition of quality guest stars beginning with The Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes in tonight’s season opener. Other fan favorites such as Treat Williams and Fred Ward will be making appearances this season on Leverage as well.

Whether you’re a long time watcher of Leverage or you’ve only just begun, season five certainly seems like it’s going to be worth watching.

Season five of Leverage kicks off tonight on TNT at 8/7c.

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