Levitating Death Star Speaker is the Perfect Star Wars Gift

If you have a friend or you yourself are very much into Star Wars products, then it doesn’t get much better than this.  Granted I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff in my time, but this one is way up there.  It’s a levitating Death Star Speaker.  Yes.  It levitates as in for real.  Let me backtrack a moment.  For the record the coolest products I’ve seen from Star Wars up until this point have been the R2-D2 phone charger for your car and the Han Solo Carbonite refrigerator.  Anyway, let’s get back to this Death Star speaker.

The Death Star replica is actually a speaker and even levitates as it delivers sound. Produced by Hellosy, this Death Star provides an excellent 360-degree surround sound with a rechargable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. It hovers about 10mm (0.4 inches) in the air and is available on Amazon for about $200.

The price tag is definitely a little steep but come on, this thing is literally floating in the air while dishing out sound!  Pretty sure if you’re a big Star Wars fan the $200 isn’t too big a sacrifice.    You can pick one up on Amazon.  In the meantime check out the video below:


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