Limitless Season 1 Episode 19: Rules, Rules, and More Rules…


So the episode starts by saying now that Brian has gone to Russia, there are going to changes to rules as per Naz. Trust me, there were few. There would an increased NZT “vigilance.” There would be monitoring all communications activities (cell phone, computers, etc). There will be a 10 PM curfew. As such, the episode would be about Brian breaking or circumventing those rules.

First of all, the review. Gordon Roper, a billionaire, is found dead. In fact, he was missing his kidney. It turned out that he funded Biosoma, a company dedicated to 3-D printing of new organs and they had provided the liver which was stolen except not so much. In fact, Rohan Kumar had donated a kidney. Biosoma was just going to give him an “upgrade” when they become available. Amazingly, it had nothing do with that! The wife was going to divorce him but when she heard about the kidney problems, he figured he’d die soon anyway and she’d be left a fortune. That’s when the new kidney came along. She confessed. Also, she put not only her husband’s kidney into their dog’s bowl but the sedative too!

Now, onto the more important matters (and where Brian’s rule breaking matters). First, he got another two agents he nicknamed Mr. X and Mr. Y although, little to his knowledge, Mr. Y actually is working for Morra! Is there nobody he can’t get go?! Then Piper texts him- It’s ready. After meeting a predetermined time (and first putting the agent outside his door to sleep), he goes to meet her but she’s late. More so, Brian notices a tail. It’s Mike & Ike!! When he gets back to his apartment however, Piper’s bracelet and it’s bloody. He confronts Morra who said he had no idea what Piper alive but if this true, Sands had gone rogue. As he leaving the church, Rebecca there’s! Finally, Rebecca comes in for coffee with Brian and demands to know what connection to the Senator is! I love a cliffhanger!!

All and all I’d say this was a great episode. It had all the major players (I somewhat think of the parents as secondary) and advanced the plot forward. I can’t wait to see how the next episode and the end of the season. It seems like they’re wrapping everything up. I wonder what they’re going to do next season.



With Brian’s walls closing in all sides, where does he truly stand?

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