Lions Gate Releasing Terminator SkyNet Edition DVD’s – Clips

t2 terminator endo set skynet edition collectors packTo capitalize on celebrate the upcoming release of Christian Bale’s Terminator reboot, Lion’s Gate has cooked up a duo of super awesome legacy Terminator products. For fans of old-school Terminator flicks these new bundles are much more than just the standard remastered fare, the T2 disk alone boasts over 8 hours of extra, and the quality enhancement is nothing to take lightly. The collector’s set is where it is at, though, featuring a life size bust of the Terminator t-101, or model 850 issue, whatever. (Damn you T3!).

Here are all of the specs on the Terminator releases along with the trailer for the set.


  • Multiple THX-certified versions high-definition versions of the film
  • All-new English 6.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Lossless
  • Picture-in-picture of behind the scenes video, text commentaries and multimedia galleries
  • Storyboard-script mode — view storyboards and read the script while watching the film
  • Interactive quizzes and games
  • BD-Liveâ„¢ enabled, featuring games, extra content and more for internet-connected players
  • Audio commentary with 26 cast and crew members
  • Audio commentary with director James Cameron and co-writer William Wisher
  • Enhanced for D-Boxâ„¢ Motion Control Systems
  • Includes THX Optimizer

For the ultimate T2 fan to enjoy the film anywhere, anytime!

  • 6-Disc Set includes:
  • Skynet Edition Blu-ray
  • Extreme Edition and Ultimate Edition DVDs, which together include everyT2 special feature ever released on DVD!
  • Plus a digital copy of the film compatible with iTunes(r) and Windows Media
  • Comes with a 14’collectible T-800 Endoskull bust — plays sound effects from the film while its eyes glow!
  • Limited number available — order while supplies last!

And Here’s The Trailer

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