My Wish List For “The Game”

Fans of the former CW turned BET sitcom The Game now have January 11, 2011 circled as Game Day – the day the snow returns from the dead for its fourth season. The official Twitter for the series recently asked what we hoped to see when the comedy returns, so I elected to make a wish list of my own. Here are the top five things that I want to see when The Game makes its triumphant return.

1. Jason (Coby Bell) and Kelly (Brittany Daniel) back together. It doesn’t have to happen right away – in fact, according to my interview with Brittany Daniel, it probably won’t. That’s okay. I just want to see my favorite couple back together. Even through their divorce struggles, it’s been obvious that the frugal team captain and the ditzy former cheerleader deserve each other, even if they might not have married for the right reasons. They still clearly love each other – we saw Jason defend Kelly from her aggressive ex in “The Fall of the Roman,” and who didn’t get teary-eyed during the last scene of the show’s third-season finale, when Kelly had to watch Jason leave the courtroom without her? These two may have their issues, but they belong together. No offense to Stacey Dash, but Camille just doesn’t have the same pop with Jason that Kelly has. Not to mention, her mere existence is a continuity error – in a first-season episode, Jason mentions Stacey Dash among a list of people he dated before marrying Kelly. Either she’s got a twin sister, or it’s time for Camille to go.

2) As much of Jason and Kelly as possible. With Coby Bell’s commitment to his role as Jesse Porter on Burn Notice, both Jason and Kelly have gone from series regulars to recurring characters. I’m not panicking, because as Brittany Daniel explained it to me, they should both be available to do as many episodes of The Game as they’re asked to do. Yet I still hope to see them every week. Both are great in their respective roles, and they have real chemistry together. I’ll take as much of Jason and Kelly as I can get.

3) Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) getting back together with Rick Fox – and staying with him. In what we thought was the series’ final episode, Rick came back and proposed to Tasha. Now Rick is currently on Dancing With The Stars, so it might be awhile before we see him again, but there’s no way the writers can have him ready to marry Tasha and then never let us see him again. Tasha is the only one of the three women on the show not yet married off, and she clearly has scored herself a good match in Rick, so let’s hope she doesn’t mess that up again. Would we get a return appearance from Chauncey (Michael Boatman) if she gets married? Not to mention, how is son Malik going to react if and when he gets a stepfather? That’s a whole other plotline to be discovered.

4) Malik (Hosea Chanchez) managing to keep a relationship for more than five minutes. Malik either doesn’t want to settle down or can’t manage to. The closest thing he’s had to a real relationship is his sham marriage to Robin Givens, and we all saw how that ended. Hosea Chanchez has said that he’d like to explore Malik in a serious relationship, and I’d like to see it. Firstly, I’d be curious to meet the woman who could tolerate him for that long. I also can’t help but wonder if that would help him mature. Tasha finally got him to move out of her house, and he finally met his father; would having a steady love in his life also help Malik to grow up a little more? There’s only one way to find out.

5) Melanie (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) and Derwin (Pooch Hall) facing their insecurities, and themselves. I know they’re supposed to be the lead couple on the show, but there were a lot of times, especially during this last season, where I wanted to slap Melanie and Derwin upside the head. Mostly Melanie. They broke up, they got back together, they both slept around, all while still pining for each other. That got old really fast. Meanwhile, Derwin had to deal with a pregnant ex, Janay, who gave birth to his child in the third-season finale. They’re married now, and he has a baby to help raise. It’s time for these two to stop going back and forth and start acting like adults. They have a lot to face, and they’re going to need each other to get through it.

Whatever happens, the return of The Game will be highly anticipated. Keep January 11, 2011 circled on your calendar, and check back here for my full coverage of the series episode by episode.

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