Little Boy Makes Cardboard Nintendo Switch Because Mom Won’t Buy Console

The Nintendo Switch has certainly made its mark on the gaming world.  Millions of units are being sold and fans are obsessed with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Despite its popularity, there are some parents that think getting a Nintendo Switch might be harmful for their children.  Too much time spent playing video games clearly doesn’t help a child’s social ability and it’s understandable that parents would have concerns.

However, if there’s a tale where you just want to say “Just buy him one already!” this is it. Twitter user Ama-chan’s kid brother made this cardboard Nintendo Switch because their mother wouldn’t buy the real deal. According to Ama-chan, her little brother is in fifth grade and dreams of making video games in the future.  Talk about dedication.  What were you doing in the 5th grade?  I know what I was doing.  Playing video games on the console my parents bought me!

What do you guys think?  Should this kid get his wish or what?  I feel like if this little boy doesn’t eventually get his Nintendo Switch he’s probably not too far away from inventing his own console.  Then his mother would be really sorry!

Check out this heartfelt video below:

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