Live-Action Spider-Man Spin-Off “Silk” TV Series Is in the Works at Sony

If a character is tied directly to Spider-Man it’s likely that Sony has the rights to them, which would include Cindy Moon, aka Silk. Bitten by the same spider that affected Peter Park, Silk is pretty much like Spider-Man save for the fact that she has a different outfit, doesn’t hide her whole face, and can produce her own organic webbing while Peter had to manufacture his. You might want to argue that Tobey Maguire’s character could produce his own webbing, but seeing as how even Sony has moved on from Maguire and has taken on the idea of making Peter create his own webbing, it’s probably better to simply accept that Silk is the only Spider-person that can produce her own natural webbing at this point. Apparently Silk is being developed into a live-action series that will be bringing the heroine to the small screen for fans to enjoy, though what that will entail isn’t quite known as of yet since the fact is that among the many different Spider-Man-themed individuals, there are backstories, powers, lifestyles, and definitely enemies that have to be considered when talking about each one. As it’s been seen in the comics though there are plenty of enemies to go around and she has shared a couple with Spider-Man, and she’s shared a few moments with him as well apparently.

A live-action show would be kind of interesting if only because it would be taking the Spider-Man story in a different direction with a new person that has been around for a while but has still been largely unknown to everyone save those that have read the comics. For these people the changes to the heroes and villains that’s occurred over the years are something new and exciting, meaning that Silk could be embraced by the fans or she could be pushed aside since like it or not, not every person enjoys seeing their favorite heroes changed in such a drastic way, and some really don’t like seeing the originals being supplanted. But the trick here is that at one point or another the old guard, meaning those that a lot of have grown up with and remember from childhood in one way or another, eventually have to pass the torch onto the next generation, which Silk happens to belong to despite how many times Spider-Man has been redone and rebooted in the comics. By giving Silk and other heroes a platform of their own to operate from it becomes possible for Marvel to push forward, and if anyone’s keeping count, DC has been taking the TV spots pretty readily, so it might be time for Marvel to think about getting serious about marketing any character they can, whether they’re owned by Sony or Disney, to make certain that people realize that they’re not just about the movies, but can prevail on TV as well.

It is kind of a wonder why Gwen Stacy isn’t getting a live-action show first since she’s been around a bit longer and people are definitely aware of who she is thanks to the Spider-Verse movie and the fact that she’s been prevalent in the comics as well. Maybe there will be something to make certain that Spider-Gwen isn’t left out eventually, but for now, it would appear that Silk is the next big deal and that her story is bound to be told in a way that might bring the Spider-Verse together a little bit more since it’s been building and building with Sony for a while. But how far things are going to go might be interesting to see since Morbius, Venom 2, and other movies and projects are still being discussed and kept in production, even if they’re not coming out until later. How far the Spider-Man shows and movies are going to go is hard to say, but a lot of people are looking forward to seeing what happens as more and more characters are being talked about and introduced. This show could be just one of many that will be coming along as it’s obvious that Spider-Man and everyone that revolves around his story, while still creating their own, has become insanely popular over the years.

That’s not too hard to believe since Spider-Man has almost always been a popular hero with many crowds, and those that have interacted with him over the years, and vice versa, have been put in the spotlight so long as fans have responded positively to their presence. Building up more spider-based figures that were either bitten by a spider or given their powers through other means has become something that’s fairly common in the comic books, but making it translate into live-action has been handled very differently between the different movies. Whether we’ll get to see how Cindy changes or not is hard to say, but seeing Silk on the small screen will be intriguing.

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