Looks Like Tom Ellis Just Signed on for Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer Season 4

It does sound a though the prospect of a season 6 is on lock when it comes to Lucifer, as Ryan Scott of TVWeb has made it pretty clear that Tom Ellis is now happy with the deal being given to him. The stall that occurred earlier had a lot to do with the idea that Ellis wanted a bit more than he was being offered, which is kind of hard to equate with an actor that really wants to be there, but obviously the higher-ups wanted him to stick around and were willing to do what it took to make that happen. Call it greasing the squeaky wheel, call it giving the devil his due, oh yes, pun totally intended, call what it whatever you like, but the fact is that Ellis will be coming back for a season 6 even if it sounds like season 5 could be the beginning of the end, or just the end in a way since that appears to be how it’s being built up at this time. Obviously things have been happening on the show that make it appear that a confrontation is on the horizon that even the fabled devil of Christian legend might be leery of, since things didn’t go too well the last time. It’s said that sons are born to trouble their fathers, and if that’s the case then this would be one of the most perfect examples in history since making your own creation the lord of hell is a great way to remind them of who’s in charge and that there are in fact worse fates possible.

The use of Lucifer in pop culture throughout the years has been interesting to say the least, as this current incarnation has been one of the more popular in history. Graham Host of Fandom has more to say about this. To say that Tom Ellis has managed to charm the fans is definitely an understatement, but he’s done so well that bringing him back is without question a wise move since the show has been keeping people engaged during its run and has come a long way from the use of the character in DC comics. The image of Lucifer in many ways throughout the years has changed so greatly that we’ve seen the devil in dark and horrible form and as a sleek and very suave individual that knows how to work his way into anyone’s confidence. Of course we’ve also seen the devil as a woman when Elizabeth Hurley took over the job in Bedazzled, and we’ve seen a vicious yet dark and mysterious devil in The Prophecy with Viggo Mortensen taking the spot in a very interesting way. Peter Stormare played the role of Lucifer in Constantine, and various other individuals have attempted to do this role justice in the past, yet only a handful have ever really made it work in any big way. So far Tom Ellis is up there with the best and will continue to push the story as much as he can in order to help it reach a satisfying crescendo by the sixth season, or possibly by the end of the 5th.

There’s been a serious shift in society when the devil can become a sympathetic and even heroic character in some ways, since if a show such a Lucifer were to have come out decades ago it would have caused a massive stir. Simply try to take the side of the devil in any type of argument would have seen a person condemned and even damned in some cases since the biggest religion in the world would tell us that the snares of the devil have convinced us that his works and misdeeds have finally born fruit and poisoned us against God and on and on and blah, blah, blah. It’s true that the devil is still a reviled character in lore and in entertainment most times, but the show has allowed the character to take on a different mindset and look, as the cloven hooves and horns are kind of outdated, since Aquaman is kind of rocking the pitchfork, sorry, trident, right now it does feel that a nice suit and a casual, charming manner add to a much more convincing look that makes the the devil a bit less imposing but definitely convincing. There is a big confrontation coming, that much is obvious, but seeing how Lucifer is going to gear up for it will be interesting and the fallout might be even more so. A lot of us already know what it says in scripture, but one has to wonder just what the director will think and how the story will play out on screen. Hopefully season 5 won’t be too climactic as season 6 would be a perfect time to end it all if that’s the plan. We’ll have to wait and see. Mae Abdulbaki of Inverse has more to say on this matter.

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