LOST 6.04 “The Substitute” Commentary on ABC

Well, well, well, lookie here. Look who’s FAMOUS! TVOvermind’s very own co-creator, Jon Lachonis, is the featured commentator on ABC.com’s weekly commentary version of LOST. Probably better known as Doc Arzt (from www.DocArzt.com), Jon’s been blogging about LOST since the second season and (friendly pimping from me without Jon’s prior approval) even wrote a book about the show, which you can view on Amazon.

Jon provides commentary for last week’s awesome Locke-centric episode, The Substitute. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I can tell you that Jon and I often have long and involved conversations about LOST that always manages to turn my brain into mush, because he’s got a much deeper take on the series than I do, so I’m sure his commentary is insightful and terrific.

Check out Jon’s commentary here.

If you’re into sneak peeks, check out two sneak peeks for tonight’s all new episode, “The Lighthouse”, here and here.

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