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120358_199Last night, after that polarizing LOST finale (more on that in a minute), Jimmy Kimmel hosted the LOST cast and showed three alternate endings for LOST, supposedly from the minds of the show’s creators.  I like the first one, especially when Sayid is all “I didn’t go through all this sh*t on the island just to be eliminated by Jeff f**king Probst”.  Classic Sayid.

In other news, Sam, who’s been writing recaps for LOST this season for TVOvermind shares his thoughts on the series finale last night.  As for me….well, I’m feeling a tad bit conflicted.  On the one hand, I completely accept the fact that LOST has basically been a show that has been 50% character-driven and 50% mythology driven.  Some of the best episodes of the series (like, for example “The Constant”) have been more about the relationships between the characters than the mythology of the island.  So the finale made a lot of sense for me on an emotional aspect in terms of how I felt about the characters.  That being said, the mythology was such a huge aspect of the show (in fact, I’ve been saying this entire season that it’s possible the writers simply went too big and broad with the mythology for the series as a whole) that the fact that the finale focused so much on the characters and NOT on the mythology left me feeling a bit empty.  On the other hand, perhaps we could argue that most of the important mythology questions have actually been answered at this point (at least the ones that we really care about – such as the origin of the smoke monster, what’s up with Jacob and even the numbers).

In any event, let’s all be happy that we didn’t get the Sopranos ending that’s parodied in the video below.  Because that would have sucked big time.

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