Lost’s Evangeline Lilly is Pregnant!

It seems Evangeline Lilly learned a thing or two about keeping secrets from her days on Lost because, as US Weekly reveals today, she has somehow managed to keep her rather pregnant self secret from the papparazzi until now. Lilly was photographed outside her home in Hawaii Thursday, and though her publicist had no comment, the pictures certainly seem to show her well into her pregnancy. It is assumed the father is long-time boyfriend, and former Lost crew member Norman Kali. Previously, she dated co-star Dominic Monaghan who, of course, played Charlie on the mega-hit series.

Lilly has taken a break from the acting world (save a few commercials for L’Oreal) since her run on Lost ended last May. She told US, “I’m definitely planning on taking a break for a little while. I consider acting a day job — it’s not my dream; it’s not my be-all, end-all.”

Personally, I hope that once she takes some time to enjoy the birth of what will surely be a beautiful child, she will return to the small screen. I know some people felt to the contrary, but I always thought she gave a great performance of perhaps the most difficult character on Lost. She has the rare combination of being beautiful, but credibly tough and rugged. Some enterprising writer out there should be able to craft a role perfect for the soon-to-be mom.

So, congratulations to Ms. Lilly and Mr. Kali! What do you think about this news? Any baby name suggestions? Would Charlie or Aaron be too obvious? How about Damon or Carlton? Please leave your comments below, and be sure to check TVOvermind for all of your TV news needs.

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