LOST – More Names, More Candidates

LOST is hitting us with some heavy amounts of information in recent weeks, but none so confusing as the 360 candidates, some of whose names we saw last week in “The Substitute,” and some of whom we saw on the lighthouse dial in this week’s “Lighthouse.” Of these, the most confusing was #108, whose name on the dial was revealed as “Wallace.” While it’s possible this was just a prop error and we’ll see that it was someone we’ve known all along later, it seems to me like Wallace is just an insignificant nobody who was used as a tool by Jacob. It is interesting that 108 would be a nobody, considering it is the sum of all the remaining candidates. What do you think?

Here are some more candidates shown by the screenshots from the episode. I’ve only listed the characters that we know on the list below:

14 – Pryce (Ryan Price, Other, hit by bus)

20 – Rousseau (Danielle Rousseau, science crew)

35 – Brennan (Brennan, science crew)

48 – Stanhope (Goodwin Stanhope, Other, died in “The Other 48 Days”)

106 – Radzinsky (Stu Radzinsky, DHARMA Initiative)

109 – Friendly (Tom Friendly, Other)

124 – Dawson (Michael Dawson, Oceanic 815 survivor)

Another interesting note is that both #112 and #98 are listed as “Horton.” Is this the same person nominated twice, or two members of the same family? Doubtfully significant, but still an interesting point. I’ve posted a gallery of screencaptures from the dial below.

What do you think? Is “Wallace” meaningless, a new character, or a character we already know? How was Jacob able to keep up with maintaining two lists at one time? What purpose did the lighthouse mirrors serve?

Please share your theories or comments in the section below. I’m interested to hear what you all have to think.

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