LOST: Mysteries of the Universe?

The following video has appeared on the front page of ABC’s LOST website in the Free Episodes page.

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Underneath the video is the enscription:

The Dharma Initiative
A project discussed for years in and around conspiracy circles. Once thought to be lost, this explosive documentary series has never been seen before…until now.

Check back for additional installments over the coming weeks.

Looking to be a clip from a program that originated in the 1960’s, titled Mysteries of the Universe, the clip begins sounding like the typical documentary-style expose of the era, with the deep-voiced narrator (think Outer Limits), keeping the listener on the edge of his/her seat waiting for the next reveleation.

At about halfway into the video, the narrator describes a secret organization comparable to the Freemasons or Skull and Bones, one which is a “peaceful organization but wary to show itself to the public”. Stating the group is assumed todharma be “purely humanitarian”, the organization is finally revealed to be The Dharma Initiative, giving hints as to where they came from, what their purpose is, and why they exist with a promise of further investigation as the series continues.

In an obvious nod to the final season of LOST (and the collective frustrations felt by all fans of LOST over the past five years in dealing with mystery after mystery), the narrator continues, stating “by piecing these miniscule pieces together, one by one, we begin to solve the puzzle” of the secret organization.

How, or if, this will tie into the LOST University website released in conjunction with Comic-Con this week remains to be seen. Both seem to be addressing our questions regarding the mysteries of our own LOST universe in separate explorations that show promise. Whether our questions will ever be answered to our high expectations and demands isn’t apparent, but I’m confident all fans of LOST will be tuning in as new episodes of Mysteries of the Universe continues.

What is apparent is that this, the latest – yet hopefully not last – foray into appeasing fans of one of arguably one of the most fan-oriented and spectulated upon television shows in history, will be highly anticipated over the coming weeks and months as we wait impatiently for the new season in January.


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