LOST Panel Offers A Glimpse of Season 6 Timeline (Or Does It?)

The LOST gang knows how to operate in San Diego. Some might even say that the many LOST panels that have graced the Comic Con convention strip have set the bar for ‘Event’ level attractions of the commercial kind. Let’s face it, as compatible as it may be LOST is not a comic, yet it continues to be one of the convention’s largest attractions – generating mammoth audiences, and days and days of conversation. This year was no different.

The big question on everyone’s mind after LOST season five ended in that forbidding dissolve to white is “Where in time will they be now?” If Jack’s plan, which he co-opted from Daniel Faraday, is successful the crash of Oceanic 815 will have never happened. Forget the ramifications from a post 815 point of view – they would never have met, the dead would still be alive, etc., etc. – what many theorists have driven themselves mad over is the endless permutations that could result. The changes start not moments before 815 enters the airspace of the island, they begin in 1977. Suddenly it is not only the crash we are changing.

As with previous conventions, the LOST bigwigs Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse again let their video do the talking when it came to the shape of season 6 – and the videos said a lot. And yes, we have those videos. Let’s talk about them for a second.

The most telling was a faux American’s Most Wanted segment on Kate. Kate is still a fugitive, but in this alternate reality she did not kill her stepfather, but another man. What’s that? In the two clips below, pay close attention. The clues are obvious. Hurley says he went to Australia, and came back with an idea for a new chicken combo. Oceanic Airlines is celebrating an accident free history. Could these clips be telling us that Season 6 is about an alternate universe where our heroes lives have been changed, although not necessarily for the better? If this is true, do the characters remember their adventures on the island?

A lot of LOST fans are concerned about this. After all, that would mean the last five seasons were wasted time – right? Wrong, says Damon and Carlton. When asked about that very point, the duo stated confidently “Trust us.” And after five seasons of blowing our minds in ways that none of us could have possibly expected, that trust has certainly been earned.


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