LOST Season Six Scheduling Still Up In The Air (Despite What You’ve Read)

If all of this talk about LOST going dark during the Olympics has you freaking out – relax. I have it on good authority that there is no plan to pull LOST off the air through the entire month of February, unfortunately I do not have any better news to share as far as specific scheduling goes. Here is what I do know from my sources close to the show:

  • The Premiere Date for LOST is still not solid. (Various folks say January 27th, but that is NOT official and is not verified by any of my sources.)
  • Logically, If LOST is preempted by the Olympics, it would not be for the entire month of February as the events run from the 12th (a Friday) to the 28th (A Sunday). Worst case scenario: No LOST for two weeks.

Our first clue that this thing is not true should have been the removal of the blog post at the “Arts at Harvard” blog that reported the information. Essentially, the post claimed that LOST producers Carlton Cuse gave the following information during passing conversation at the Harvard offices:

Mr. Cuse graciously explained that the show would begin again in January then stop for the Olympics and then start back again in February.

While no-one is saying specifically that this is an untrue account on the behalf of the blogger, they are saying it is completely inaccurate. So to summarize one more time: There is no premiere date set in stone – yet, and there is no plan to pull LOST for the entire month of February as some have reported.

On a personal note, I’d say that I would not be all that upset if I had to take a LOST-break for a couple of weeks in February. ABC has to do business, and by the time that delay takes place we’ll have not only been through the worst part, the grueling hiatus between seasons, but we’ll also be dealing with the reality that the end of LOST is coming faster than we’d hoped. A little bit of anticipation to savor our first bite of LOST’s last supper might do us some good.

None of this is to say a break is out of the question, however there is no precedent for it. The last time the Winter Olympics were held, in 2006, LOST was not only not preempted, it actually won it’s time slot against the games, which posted their lowest ratings ever. In fact, of the shows that stood up against the Olympics most were ABC including Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Lost. CBS did well with Survivor, oh and a CSI repeat. Yes, I said repeat.

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