LOST Spoiler – Another Blast From The Past

4x01---Randy-lost-708423_600_450Another of LOST’s iconic tertiary characters will be showing up in the sixth and final season. If his appearance doesn’t necessarily excite you on its own, what it has to say about an old favorite character just may. Click on for all of the spoilery details.

I have it on good authority that Billy Ray Gallion A.K.A Randy (Locke’s boss, Hurley’s Boss and Future employee) filmed a scene with our beloved John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) yesterday.  Yes, it was our Locke -wheelchair and all – not that poseur dude in black that was driving around an imitation model last season.

The scene takes place after Oceanic 815 lands safely in Los Angeles and details the taunting that ensues when Locke returns to his box company collections supervisor job to face off with his sneering boss, Randy. Needless to say, things don’t go very well… you can take that however you like.

For those that are wondering, the various ‘insider’ reports so far seem to indicate that the 815’rs are dealing with non-supernatural dramas in the Oceanic 815 landed time-line.  Some filming on the island seems to indicate that the other possible outcome – what if the Jughead plan failed – is also being explored.  So are we watching two versions of our beloved losties, or does this indicate… gulp… flash-betweens?  Only a little better than three months to go people.

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