Louie 1.05 “Travel Day/South” Review

Louie has really hit its stride. I feel like it is destined to become the next Curb Your Enthusiasm, not so much in tone, but Louis C.K. is the first great television misanthrope since Larry David.

Tonight’s episode dealt with travel. I haven’t been on a plane in four years but I do remember how inefficient security was, I remember the general disregard for personal space and I remember stepping off that plane into the scorching and humid southern summer to the feeling that I was on a different planet.

The episode begins with Louie attempting to navigate the airport so that he can go do a set in Birmingham, Alabama. He also convinces the security to let him keep his bag despite having a liquid substance in it by being a little too forthcoming with what that liquid substance is used for.

Louie is then seated next to a rather portly gentleman that spills over into his seat for the duration of the flight. The scene showcases the main difference between television’s favorite misanthropes: Louie’s timidness. He never complains for insults this man. He just deals with it, though his face says it all.

The south gets sort of a bad rep in the media. I’ve found that southerners are much nicer than they are portrayed in film and television, but I will agree that the south just feels different. Like I said, different planet.

After a less than stellar set in Birmingham, Louie finds himself confronted by a very odd couple of fans. He has what seems like a nice, if a little forced, conversation with the two before telling them that he has to catch a flight. The fans’ look of disappointment when he says that says it all without being to obvious, or as obvious as the next scene in which one of them pulls a gun on Louie for appearing like a jerk. The use of facial expressions rather than dialogue in some scenes is what I love about the show. Characters don’t say how they feel very often. They just show it.

Overall, I thought this episode was fantastic and I truly feel like this show is getting better and better.

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