Louie 1.06 “Heckler/Cop Movie” Review

I feel like comedians have the only job where they can stand up for themselves at work. For instance, if someone was giving me crap where I work, I’d get in a lot of trouble for telling them how I feel.

This is why this week’s first vignette really hit the spot. Louie is on stage (just as he is at the beginning of every episode) trying to get through his material and is continuously interrupted by a rude woman sitting stage left. The woman who plays the heckler plays the rude and oblivious part very well. I feel like there are very few people who can really play those reactions believably. As Louie verbally tears her a new one, his insults are so vulgar that my mind was shocked into laughter. It was as if my brain was caught off guard by how mean he was and could think of no other reaction but to laugh. These insults are hilarious in retrospect, also.

The next vignette has Louie visiting his agent, Simon. Much to Louie’s disdain, Simon has given Matthew Broderick the okay to cast him in a new cop movie. Louie tells the receptionist that he hates acting because he’s not very good at it but those paying attention (especially to the “Heckler” vignette) will realize just how silly that sounds.

Broderick guest stars as himself in this segment. He becomes frustrated with Louie’s inability to deliver a simple line correctly and provides the episode with the week’s one truly heartbreaking moment, essentially telling Louie that he regrets casting a comedian in a serious role. Honestly, the real C.K. could out-act most “dramatic” actors easily.

I said that “Louie” had hit its stride and this week only confirms it. This show is quickly becoming the most consistent show on television.

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