Louie 1.07 “Double Date/Mom” Review

A lot of stand-up comics have material about their mothers. Frankly, a lot of it isn’t funny. It is, but it’s the kind of funny where you keep a straight face and think to yourself, “Huh, that’s funny I guess.” Forgettable.

Tonight’s episode, though light on the belly laughs, was quite the opposite of forgettable. Louie at first seems to just be mean to his mother, but you soon realize that he has a deep-seeded hatred for her for never being there emotionally. The scene in which Louie and his brother, Robbie, meet their mother’s very young and attractive wife is particularly hard to watch. Their mother refuses Robbie’s pleas to tell him that she loves him.

These sad moments are punctuated by quick jokes. Louie tries to ignore the awkward back and forth between Robbie and their mother by asking her partner, “So do you go to school, or …”

The other vignette, which actually appears first, also involves Robbie. I really like this character. The “not the brightest bulb” brother character is a little played out, but actor Robert Kelly absolutely nails it and is a delight to watch.

Robbie has a new girlfriend and decides to overshare with Louie about how things are going physically. He then asks Louie for a rather awkward favor: he wants Louie to join them in bed.

Only the dumb brother.

While not as funny as previous episodes, “Double Date/Mom” continues the show’s domination of television comedy.

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