Louie 1.08 “Doghouse” Review

As someone who has never had a sip of alcohol, puff of a cigarette or even a hit off of a joint, I appreciate drug humor. It’s not always laugh-out-loud hilarious but I always at least appreciate it. Louie getting smoked out by his neighbor, getting way too high and freaking out wasn’t the best part of the whole first chunk of this week’s episode. Louie decides it’s time to get real and try to get healthy but ultimately reverts back to his ice cream shoveling, pizza scarfing, old ways.

Putting off exercise to eat junk food always gets the “it’s funny because it’s true” reaction. It is true. I mean, pizza is awesome and exercise can sometimes be a real pain in the ass.

This week’s “Louie” strays from the two vignette formula. Each segment transitions nicely into the next. Louie decides to work out, he smells pot, confronts his neighbor about it who then gets him high and drunk, nurses his hangover the next day and meets a dog and ultimately decides to adopt one of his own. This change, though weird at first, was welcome.

Like the preceding episode, this week’s episode was light on out loud laughs. Again, that’s not to say it was any less funny than any other episode. Think of tonight’s episode as one single joke with a great lead-in and one hell of a punchline.

If you still haven’t at least given “Louie” a chance, I suggest you do so before the season ends. Why? Because it’s not stupid. It doesn’t have a laugh track, it doesn’t have canned one-liners and it certainly isn’t safe. What does it have? Excellent writing, acting and most of all, smarts.

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