Louie 1.10 “Dentist/Tarese” Review

Here’s something you don’t see every day on television: Stephen Root as a dentist who, well, takes certain liberties with an unconscious Louis C.K. At least I hope you don’t see that every day.

Stephen Root’s turn as a perverse dentist is now one of my favorite of his roles. His creepiness is so genuine that it provided the scene with such a tremendous sense of discomfort that rivals some of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s most awkward scenes. This dentist specializes in making those afraid of the dentist a little more comfortable. The only problem is that he gets a little too comfortable with his patients.

While Louie is under, he has a dream of stumbling upon Osama Bin Laden in the desert and convincing him to not be a terrorist simply by calling him a mean name. If only real life was so simple, right?

The second vignette of “Dentist/Tarese” is about how Louie is terrible with women. This is a common theme on Louie, but this time it’s with younger black women so Louie is twice the chance of saying the wrong thing.

Watching him stumble all over himself while trying to talk to and impress her made me so thankful that I met my girlfriend the way I did. Had I just seen her on the street or at a party and for some reason had enough courage to approach her, I would be just as pathetic.

Tonight’s episode also wasn’t without the gross-out moments that have been a part of the show since the pilot. As if Dr. Stephen Root getting intimate with Louie’s face wasn’t enough, Louie says this line as he strikes out with Tarese, “I think that’s vomit of somebody who ate diarrhea.”

Score yet another point for Louis C.K. and FX, because this week’s Louie was the funniest of the season.

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