Louie 1.11 “God” review

Religion is a very touchy subject. Many people think many different things about religion. It’s good for some, bad for others and other others can take it or leave it. What was refreshing about tonight’s Louie is that he didn’t have anything particularly positive or negative to say about religion other than pointing out how some commandments have some messed up priorities. The whole episode was about his experience with it, which I then interpreted as a fairly negative experience.

The best part of this episode, hands down, was Tom Noonan’s performance as Dr. Haverford. His scene takes place in 1977 with Louie in catholic school. Haverford is brought in by the teacher to explain the crucifixion from a “medical standpoint.”

Noonan was absolutely terrifying in this scene. He describes, in great detail, different methods of torture used on Christ in such a collected manner that it left me a little disturbed. I’m assuming this was the desired effect on the audience because the kids in the scene looked speechless during this presentation.

Next week is the season finale. While I hope the finale has some more laughs (tonight’s had almost none aside from the hilarious glory hole scene in the beginning), part of me hopes for another wonderfully shot, acted, edited and scored scene like Noonan’s. Maybe just less graphic.

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