Lucifer: Azrael’s Blade is Missing. Ella Takes Lucifer to Church.


What do you get when a celestial weapon falls into the wrong hands? Complete and utter chaos. On tonight’s episode of Lucifer, our favorite Devil goes sword hunting. I have a feeling that dear old Mama Morningstar is behind all this.

The scene with Lucifer talking to Dr. Martin about his sandwich and emotional hug with Detective Decker still confuses me. I thought Maze talked some sense into the doctor? There’s no reason for her to be afraid anymore. He’s still the same Lucifer! I mean, yes, he’s the Devil, but still! At least she finally came around towards the end of the episode and treated Lucifer like she always did before the cat came out of the bag.

I enjoyed the interaction between Lucifer and Ella in this episode. I almost face-palmed when Lucifer thought that Ella’s favor is to get into bed with him. It turns out that she wants to take him to church. Didn’t see that one coming, now did you, Lucifer? (Insert maniacal laughter here).

I also liked the interaction between Maze and Amenadiel when they went on the wild goose chase for the blade at Lucifer’s request. There’s definitely some sexual tension between them. I laughed out loud when Maze said that Amenadiel is a Mama’s Boy. It’s funny because it’s true. I get that you’re still hurting over Uriel’s death, Amenadiel, but that’s no reason to join Team Mom.

The part where the forensic girl demonstrated the killing spree at the yoga studio with Lucifer made me laugh and facepalm at the same time. I also loved the reference to CSI when Ella said that the evidence doesn’t lie. Thanks, Dr. Grissom. That and the part where Detective Decker joked about Dr. Martin being Lucifer in a skirt. That made me snicker more than once.

It was interesting to see Detective Decker feel jealous for once. When Detective Douche assumed that Lucifer and Ella were sleeping together, Detective Decker didn’t want to believe it. Denial’s not just a river in Egypt, Detective Decker! You have feelings for Lucifer, and you know it!

Now, back to the missing blade. I was right about Mama Morningstar as the responsible party. She made a map of the blade’s location (in Uriel’s unmarked grave in the forest) and led the humans right to it. Making humans kill each other with the Angel of Death’s blade just to get your ex-husband’s attention is not going to work! Though I wonder how she plans to use Lucifer and the blade to take over Heaven and destroy her ex-husband? Whatever her plan is, it’s not going to be good. I can only hope that Lucifer will figure it out before it’s too late. He said that Earth is his home, so if he wants to protect it and the ones inhabiting it (namely Detective Decker, Trixie, Dr. Martin, Detective Douche and Ella), then he better not fall into his Mom’s trap.

The scene with Detective Douche and Lucifer was intense. Good thing that Detective Douche was able to fight the power of the blade and come to his senses. I still can’t believe that the Devil of all people likes pudding. Oh! I bet it was chocolate pudding! On the other hand, it’s not right to take something that isn’t yours, Lucifer Morningstar! The pudding was clearly labelled! Oh, and the reference to the famous Spice Girls song that everybody knows when Lucifer was getting his Devil on with Jensen Glory? Pure genius. Standing ovation for you, show! Oh, one last thing, the comment about that orange buffoon being in Hell someday was awesome. 

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Lucifer, along with Amenadiel and Maze, goes searching for Azrael’s Blade and Ella takes the Devil to church in this excellent episode of Lucifer.

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