Lucifer: Burning Questions about the Devil

If Lucifer (the TV Devil played by Tom Ellis, not the actual Devil because that would be really really scary) were standing in front of me right now, asking me what my deepest desire is, I would tell him that I want to be a recognized fiction writer where people will appreciate my work. Though if the tables were turned in a quid pro quo kind of way, there are a lot of burning, excuse the pun, questions that I want answers to.

For instance, Detective Decker said back in the first episode (if I remember correctly) that Lucifer didn’t exist on paper till about five years ago which begs the question, how was Lucifer able to create all that paperwork? Did he have to work his charms on the people who work at government offices? Also, if Lucifer is on vacation, as clearly stated in the opening intro of the show, why would he bother to open a posh nightclub? Where did he even get the money? He should be lying on a beach towel or something and drink cocktails or whatever, but I guess that he figured that a nightclub would be a nice cover for him since it kind of suits his devilish personality.

I also don’t quite understand how Lucifer was able to leave the Gates of Hell. Yes, he is the Lord of Hell, but he was condemned, or grounded for life rather, by his Father for all eternity. Unless he has some magical ability that allows him to come and go as he pleases, it still baffles me as to how he was able to accomplish this. Any theories, fellow Lucifer fans?

There’s another thing that I can’t really figure out and that’s the fact that Lucifer can play the piano. How was he able to learn the instrument and read sheet music? No one taught him how to play, so it’s either he already knows how to play or he pulled the whole smooth talk charm act of his again to get someone to teach him. Either way, he’s really good from what I have seen so far on the show.

I have high hopes for this show. Hopefully, it will stick around for more than one season because I want to see if Detective Decker will get together with Lucifer anytime soon. Besides, I get to yell at Lucifer while watching (I tend to yell at the TV when I watch shows or sports). That is if I don’t have to watch and review Scorpion in which case I will DVR it and watch it the next day.

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