Macaulay Culkin Bombed his Audition for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

How a person views Macaulay Culkin these days is a matter of personal perspective since some folks tend to think of him as a bit of a kook while others think that he was great at one time when he was younger but kind of faded off as he started to get older. He did continue to act for a while after the Home Alone movies but nothing ever really clicked the way it did with the character of Kevin McAllister, who became iconic for his role in foiling two bumbling burglars and committing what in many cases would have been deemed justifiable homicide considering that he was defending his home and his life. After all Harry and Marv did intend to harm him when all was said and done. But getting back to the article, it sounds as though Macaulay tried to find success once again and more recently this time as he actually auditioned for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Considering how many people made their way to see this movie it could have been the role that put him back in circulation if he’d been successful, but as Culkin admitted, as per Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb:

“It was a disaster. I wouldn’t have hired me. I’m terrible at auditioning anyway, and this was my first audition in like eight years.”

Obviously Macaulay was a little rusty going into this audition and might have been better off staying away or perhaps brushing up on his skills before heading in to try and score a role on one of Quentin Tarantino’s movies. Given that it’s been eight years one would think that he’d be prepping himself as much as possible before going to any audition, especially if he had any real intention of getting the role he was after. But between him and just about any other individual in the movie it’s not entirely likely that he would have been picked in any case. What’s he done since Home Alone, really? It’s even more amusing to think then when he was younger he didn’t want to act, he wanted to grow up and be just like everyone else around him. Apparently it was his father that forced him to go into acting and as we can see that went well for a little while but kind of tapered off after several movies. It’s been noted that he’s tried to get back into acting a couple of times and has been in the news more than once over the years, but usually in a less than positive light.

From his appearance to his personal habits to just about anything and everything that the news media could report on, Macaulay often found himself the subject of ridicule just for looking the way he did and having nothing really on the line at any given moment. To be fair though he’s been trying to live his life as best he can and just do his own thing for a number of years, though it’s not hard to think that the media will lock onto just about anything in an attempt to gain readers, even when it’s at the expense of others and is in no way morally sound. In fact the only real downside to Macaulay trying to make such a big comeback by trying to audition for Tarantino’s movie is that it reminds us that as talented as this guy was back in the day, it’s kind of clear that he doesn’t always think ahead since even some of the most novice actors would have known to prepare in advance for an audition so as to put their best foot forward, as the saying goes. Unfortunately, whether Macaulay was serious about the role or not, he might have believed he could go in and nail it without any real practice or even a short assessment of his acting ability. A lot of people would love to see him come back in some way, but if he’s really serious about it then it might be time to brush up with an acting class or take a refresher on how to plan for and then execute an audition for those that are looking for the best and the most capable for their productions. Nostalgia is great and all, but an actor still needs to be able to actually perform in a manner that will impress those that are in charge of making the casting decisions.

Perhaps this will be a lesson for any further auditions or maybe he’s thinking that he was just nervous and didn’t think things through. In any case if Macaulay does come back it’d be nice to know that he can still be convincing in any given role, since otherwise just banking on his past fame is bound to get him through a commercial but not much more. Kyle Moss of Yahoo! has more on this.

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