Mad Men Stars Hit the Red Carpet for Season 5 Premiere

Mad MenThe wait is finally almost over as Mad Men returns to screens Sunday, March 25 on AMC with a special 2-hour premiere. To celebrate this event the cast of Mad Men hit the red carpet last night in Los Angeles for the premiere of season 5 and did so in style.

Jon Hamm looking more relaxed than his character Don Draper was accompanied by girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. The couple have had recent success with the theatrical release of Friends with Kids; the first film to come from Hamm and Westfeldt’s production company Point West Pictures and one that Westfeldt wrote, directed and stars in, alongside Hamm.

Other cast also present include January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, John Slattery, Jared Harris, Jessica ParĂ©, Kiernan Shipka and Robert Morse. Creator Matthew Weiner and Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant were in attendance as was Bryan Cranston; who isn’t in Mad Men but does star in one of AMC’s other big critical hits Breaking Bad.

Matthew Weiner is notoriously strict when it comes to spoilers and only information we really have is the title of the first episode; this is “A Little Kiss.” The cast have been trained well and none of them have spilled any information, though Weiner did share with The New York Times what the theme of season 5 is and it is a familiar one; “It’s always about change, I’m starting to realize that that’s all that I’m writing about. And I think it’s because we are living in a time of tremendous change and you can’t pretend anymore.” Change is such an important notion for the era that Mad Men is set in, on so many different social levels and so it informs who these characters are not just because of where they have come from, but where they are headed too. The lack of spoilers is rather refreshing and is something that can be admired even if it is frustrating as well.

For a look at the Mad Men season 5 poster head here.



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