10 Things You Didn’t Know about Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a rather interesting manga derives from a series of light novels. Like many stories of this type, it’s about much more than you initially see on the surface. If you haven’t ever been exposed to it, you might find yourself very interested in the story about a girl who travels to an abyss in order to find her mother. Below are ten more things you can learn about this particular title.

1. It comes from Akihito Tsukushi

If you are a fan of light novels and the sort, you probably already know this name. If you’re not, there is a better than average chance that you wi be after you immerse yourself in this story. It’s often considered one of the best in this genre of entertainment, so you know that you’re getting started with a person that is highly capable of creating quality work.

2. It’s connected to Web Comic Gamma

This is actually who was responsible for creating the manga from the light novels themselves. As a matter of fact, they started working on this project in 2012 and since that time, the story has exploded in its popularity.

3. There are several volumes of light novels available

To date, there are no less than six different volumes of light novels that pertain to this title. That provides a decent amount of material for other forms of the story to be developed from. It also gives fans a good basis from which to gauge the quality of the manga and everything that has followed since the story became so popular.

4. It was eventually turned into an anime series for television

In 2017, the decision was made to turn the story into an anime television series. Several episodes were released during that first season. For the most part, the anime series closely resembled the original story from the novels.

5. It was popular enough to get a second season

The popularity of the show was definitely enough to get a second season of the anime series, and plans are currently underway to get it aired.

6. It deals with experiencing loss

One of the reasons this story has proven to be so popular is that it deals with loss, in this case, the disappearance of the main character’s mother. Almost everyone has experienced loss in one way or another, so it’s something that people can often identify with.

7. It’s also about courage

Of course, losing someone that is close to you takes a great deal of courage in order to face that loss. Those who are in the midst of it may not feel courageous but the truth is, you have to have courage if you are to face the feelings you’re dealing with and find a way through all the pain. That’s another reason the story resonates with fans.

8. It proves that everybody needs help from time to time

One of the main points of the story is that the girl enlists the help of someone else to find her mother. It’s designed to prove that everybody needs help once in a while. The story highlights the fact that it isn’t always feasible to do everything on your own, making a poignant statement for those who are often reluctant to ask for the assistance of others.

9. It also proves that friendships can form in the unlikeliest of places

These two characters may not start out being friends, but that is what they eventually become. Sometimes, friendship happens as the direct result of having a mutual need for one another. It proves that life can take us all on a number of adventures. We may not want to take all of them, but if we have an open mind, amazing things can happen.

10. Ultimately, it explores choosing not to become a victim

In a nutshell, the story is ultimately about choosing to stay in the game and fight as opposed to giving up, even when things look their worst. Perhaps that is exactly the reason that so many people have found a connection with this title. It speaks to some part of all of us, often reminding us that we have control over the way we respond to whatever happens in our lives.

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