Man at Arms Craft a Real-Life Version of Green Lantern’s Power Ring

If you’re familiar with the Youtube channel “Man at Arms” then you should be.  This is the show where guys make cool stuff from movies come to life.  A few weeks ago we shared a video with you about How to Forge a Nodachi Katana Sword from “For Honor” in Real Life.   Up until now the fellas at Man at Arms have mostly been emulating weapons, armor, vehicles, and things of that nature.  However, this week they had a different request: jewelry.

This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on the Green Lantern Power Ring.   And this isn’t just an ordinary replica.  If it were we wouldn’t be sharing this video with you.  In this video you’ll see a fully functional ring that has lighting, movement, and much much more.  While it doesn’t quite give you the powers that Green Lantern has, it looks a lot cooler than most rings you’ll come across.

Check out how the guys made this ring below:



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