10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marama Corlett

Everyone is talking about the Marama Corlett these days. While she is not a new actress, she is someone who has taken on some exceptional roles in the past few years, and her fan base has grown exponentially as a result. She’s been making waves with her work, and many people are curious about who she is and what she’s like outside of her outstanding ability to portray any character she takes on with such ease. If you don’t know much about the actress, we’re about to change that.

1. She’s From Malta

She was born and raised in Malta. Her mother is also from Malta, but her father is not. He is from New Zealand, so she has a rich cultural heritage on both sides of her family tree. She’s also got a bit of Sicilian in her blood, too, though we are not sure which side of her family that comes from.

2. She’s From a Large Family

She was born and raised by her mother and father, but she one of four kids. Not only do her parents have four kids of their own, they only have girls to boot. She is one of four girls, and we can only imagine what her household was like on occasion when all four were in their teen years.

3. She’s Young

Marama Corlett doesn’t just look like a young woman. She is. She’s not even in her 30s yet. She will be in 2021, but for now, she’s only 29 and thriving. She was born on May 31, 1991. The year 2021 is slated to be a big birthday year for her, and we cannot wait to see how she makes the decision to celebrate.

4. She’s Living in London

She was raised in Malta, but she no longer calls it home. She lives in London now, and she’s been there for some time. She moved to England to pursue her dream, and she’s still living there, working there, and enjoying her social life there.

5. She’s a Dancer

She did not originally intend on pursuing a career in the acting industry. Rather, she was a ballet dancer. She spent most of her childhood dancing, and she learned a great deal of grace and elegance from her education. She was a dancer in the Ballet Russ de Malt, and she later took time to live in England to continue her career as a ballerina.

6. She Loved Acting from Malta

It seems that Malta is a big place for movies to be shot, because she says that she was always around movies being filmed in her own area when she grew up. She was always interested in the concept and the process, and she away always looking to find a way to be part of one. Did she spend her childhood imagining being a famous actress one day?

7. She’s a Ballerina By Accident

Her family once dropped her cousin off at her own ballet classes, and she loved it. She felt happy watching the dancers, and she’d stay as long as she could as often as she could. The instructor once asked her if she’d like to try it out, but she didn’t think that her family could afford to send her there. The instructor told her that being good enough at it meant scholarships came her way, and a dream was then born.

8. Ballet Was Her Therapy

She did not know this growing up, of course. She felt happy being in ballet. She felt that her growing pains were eased and that she had something lovely to focus on, and that was a huge turning point in her life for her. She was always happy to be there and to spend her time there, and she later realized just what it meant to her when she was there.

9. Her Instagram is Filled with Artistic Shots

This is a young woman who not only photographs well, she appears to take beautiful photos of her own. Her feed is filled with shots that are artistic and lovely, and she seems to be someone who has a really big eye for things that are just as interesting as they are lovely. We adore it.

10. She’s Private

If you want to know more about her social life and what she’s up to, you’re not going to get it from her. She’s not sharing. She is a woman who keeps as much as she can to herself, and that’s not a bad thing. Privacy is so underrated these days.

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