Margot Robbie Will Be in Netflix Series “Maid” with Shameless Creator at the Helm

Margot Robbie has been a busy woman in recent years and she’s not slowing down at this time since she’ll be taking the lead role in the upcoming Netflix series Maid as Jessica Fisher from GeekTyrant has stated. Even better is that John Wills and Molly Smith Metzler, the writer for Shameless, will be working on the series. The story is one that is adapted from a memoir titled Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, by Stephanie Land. The book is about a mother’s struggle to survive, let alone get ahead in a workplace that seems designed to keep people down and in poverty as much as possible no matter how hard they try to succeed. There are also plenty of other stories in the book that have to do with dealing with poverty and the housing systems that are often seen to be problematic in the US. The series doesn’t seem to have a release date set at this time but it’s no doubt touching a great many people already since the book has been on the New York Times Bestseller list and as a result has gained massive exposure. The great part of this as one might think is that Land has likely found a wellspring of good fortune thanks to the publication and has perhaps continued to push for change when it comes to how the country deals with poverty and those that are trying to rise out of it.

As with a lot of series and movies at this time and in recent years this show does seem as though it’s going to tackle a very prominent issue in America and go deep into what the actual problem is when it comes to people being unable to rise up out of poverty in order to better their lives. There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to what is really keeping people down and why some folks can’t seem to get their lives together, but when it comes to those with children things tend to become more tragic since it’s no longer just the adults that are suffering since the children are being made to grow up in a world that is unbearably unfair and doesn’t seem to care a whit about them or their problems. This of course isn’t entirely true as most stories point out since there’s always someone that’s going to be willing to do something to help no matter how desperate a person gets. But in a big way I can’t help but wonder with Land if we get her side of the story without the benefit of the other side as well. I get it, that sounds entirely cynical and makes me sound like a devil waiting to just stomp on someone that’s managed to get their head above water, but that’s not the case. As much as there are individuals out there that can’t always seem to do much more than tread water in this current social and economic climate there are also those that aren’t telling the whole truth. Is Land being honest? It would seem so since so many people are willing to buy into the story and believe that it is a hard life out there for those that begin in poverty and can’t seem to get out. There’s no doubting on this end about anyone’s plight since there’s no basis for doing so, but there’s almost always another side to the story, and in Land’s case it might be that fate just hasn’t been as kind as it needs to be. Denise Petski of Deadline has more to say about the book.

If I’m cynical it’s the for the same reason that so many others are and that’s because that as genuine as Land’s story might be, and again there’s no real reason to doubt, there are still those that claim that they’ve been abused by the system and forced into poverty when in truth it came about at their own hands. That’s right, some folks are unfortunately poor by their own doing either through one reason or another. That’s why pity and sympathy are at times hard to come by since those that want help in their lives are those that can help themselves, while those that truly need the help and don’t get it that often are those that could truly use it and be grateful for it. At this point one can hope that Land is still advocating for those that have yet to find their way out of poverty and is doing what she can in order to help others that are going through the same thing she did. This book and this series are bound to be something that will hopefully inspire others and possibly shine a light on the poverty issue that is still at play in America. If nothing else it will be another great role for Robbie to take on that will impress a great number of people yet again.

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